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because of those side effects, some men wonder if there are any alternative medicine treatments for prostate cancer that might be helpful. other men are interested in exploring mind-body treatments like yoga, meditation, and massage to ease the side effects of treatment and the stress of a cancer diagnosis. lots of people use either term to describe an unconventional therapy that you use along with a standard medical treatment. some complementary or alternative treatments for prostate cancer may be harmful when used with standard cancer treatments. there’s a lot of it in some fruits and vegetables, particularly cooked tomatoes. some studies show that people who eat diets high in tomatoes and other fruits high in lycopene have lower cancer rates.

in rodent studies, scientists have shown a positive effect of pomegranate in reducing cancer cell growth in mice. one study in china suggested that drinking lots of green tea might help lower the chances of prostate cancer developing. other studies haven’t found a link between green tea and prostate cancer risk among japanese men or japanese-american living in hawaii. in animals, mcp has hindered prostate cancer cells from spreading to other parts of the body. the calming effects of meditation and other relaxation techniques can also benefit people with cancer. remember that alternative treatments can’t take the place of medical treatments for cancer. supportive care in cancer: “mindfulness groups for men with advanced prostate cancer: a pilot study to assess feasibility and effectiveness and the role of peer support.”

prostate cancer is the third most common cause of cancer deaths in men of all ages and the most common cause in men over 75 years old. some doctors think that testosterone replacement therapy might make existing prostate cancer grow faster, and men who use testosterone therapy may be more likely to get prostate cancer than those with lower levels of the hormone. making changes in your diet and considering certain herbs and supplements along with treatment may help either reduce risk of prostate cancer or make treatment work better. removal of the prostate (radical prostatectomy): used to treat prostate cancer that has not spread. it is sometimes used to relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia and may be used in men with prostate cancer who cannot have a radical prostatectomy. if the cancer spreads beyond the prostate and does not respond to hormone medications, the prognosis is poor.

cancer res . a combination of tomato and soy products for men with recurring prostate cancer and rising prostate specific antigen. screening for prostate cancer with the prostate-specific antigen test: a review of current evidence. multivitamin use and risk of prostate cancer in the national institutes of health-aarp diet and health study. the association of fatty acids with prostate cancer risk. testosterone: its role in development of prostate cancer and potential risk from use as hormonal replacement therapy. quercetin inhibits the expression and function of the androgen receptor in lncap prostate cancer cells.

pomegranate ( punica granatum ). in one study, men who had surgery or radiation to treat prostate cancer that had not spread, and who drank 8 oz. of pomegranate natural approach to prostate cancer prevention 1) lycopene 2) vitamin d 3) omega-3 fatty acids 4) green tea. exploring alternative therapies for prostate cancer saw palmetto pygeum (african plum extract) pomegranate juice diet meditation, yoga, and, .

a more recent herbal combination therapy common to many prostate cancer patients is zyflamend (new chapter, brattleboro, can any foods help with my prostate cancer? soya beans and other pulses green tea tomatoes and lycopene (a plant chemical found in tomatoes) cruciferous herbal extracts for prostate cancer zi-shen pill (zsp) stinging nettle cernilton babassu pygeum (african plum)., .

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