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the acronym raci (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) refers to a simple matrix used to assign roles and responsibilities for each task, step, or decision in a project. with our online raci software, you can easily map out which roles are involved in each project task. with raci matrix software, you map out individual tasks, participants, and each participant’s level of responsibility for that task in one central location, so your team can easily understand project responsibilities at a glance. our raci matrix software gives you the tools to create an organized visual overview of each task, so you can avoid team members wasting time on the same task or working out of sync. our online raci tool lets you invite relevant team members to your canvas, so you can access and edit your raci matrix together in real time. additionally, you can export your work to apps like g suite, confluence, and slack. make a list of all the people involved in the project, specifying their names and roles.

work on each task and determine which members of your team will be responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed. present and share your raci matrix online with presentation mode to keep your team aligned on roles and responsibilities. anyone with access to your visual will be able to see the latest version of your raci matrix. lucidchart is integrated with today’s most popular applications, so you can insert your work into g suite, ms office, confluence, slack, and other platforms. lucidchart is integrated with today’s most popular applications, so you can insert your work into g suite, ms office, confluence, slack, and other platforms. you will receive a reminder email before the end of your trial period and you can cancel at any time. “i highly recommend lucidchart to all teams that need to optimise their processes, map their infrastructures, and plan their projects, etc.

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from complex, cross-functional team projects to internal, ongoing tasks, a raci matrix enables you to clarify roles and delegate tasks, bringing your team together to execute your project. informed: who should you inform if you make a change to the project? the raci matrix allows your employees to engage more deeply with a project. once you have assigned employees to each part of the raci matrix, training new hires and extending your processes becomes easier.

here is how you can use and adjust the template to your needs: analyze roles and responsibilities and assign them to each member of the project. as the project manager, use the raci matrix to map everybody’s roles and responsibilities on the project. your team can use the smart model anytime you want to set goals. the sailboat retrospective is a low-pressure way for teams to reflect on how they handled a project. they allow your team to easily view the relationships between systems and tasks.

when your idea leads to an actionable plan, figjam’s free raci chart template can clarify everyone’s role in bringing the vision to life. simplify transitions and hand-offs: add new team members to a project without original stakeholders falling out of the loop. you and your team need a way to quickly—and quietly—determine who’s on deck. with the right tools, problem-free project planning is a click away. to put it simply, a raci matrix is like a multi-person to-do list with a built-in hierarchy that easily helps track the project progress. organizing projects and teams by the four letters of a raci chart makes it easy to allocate tasks, step up with support, and understand everyone’s priorities.

the raci matrix rules are simple: each task in a project plan is lined up along the y-axis, while each involved team member is positioned along the x-axis. for example, let’s say the web development team is rolling out a new front-end interface. all you need to create a raci matrix for a project is a grid of names and tasks. but the easiest way to build a raci matrix is through a free, pre-existing template from figjam. keep the project progress moving by checking in on team members for the specific task they’re responsible for. the raci matrix is a widely-used project management tool that helps teams clarify job roles and responsibilities. involving your team early helps establish ownership of different tasks, which can help reduce confusion and increase efficiencies for a complex project.

a raci matrix is a chart that identifies and defines the roles and responsibilities of team members in relation to the tasks in a project. when labeled “responsible” in a raci matrix, it indicates that the person is expected to be hands-on when executing the task. this person or group of people is to be kept up to date on the progress of a task or deliverable. the raci matrix clearly lays out who is performing this task (r), who should weigh in on it (c), and who has the final say on it (a). in column 1, beneath the “project tasks” header, you will list all of the tasks that will be completed as part of this project.

if you wish, you can remove the project phases and instead just do a large list of tasks, but we’ve found the project phases to be helpful. the person who you label as (a) accountable is the person who will be responsible for ensuring that the task is done properly and in a timely manner. remember, (c) means that a person will be asked for help or advice on a task, and they will work with the responsible team member to complete the task. a raci matrix is a good way to organize and visualize a project, but by no means is it the only tool you can use. from the gantt chart, you can assign team members to tasks, track their progress and keep stakeholders updated. this can be incredibly useful for managing those stakeholders you identified in your raci diagram.

create and use a raci matrix template to define who’s in charge of what and keep everyone on the same page. raci is an acronym for these project roles, which stands for: (r) responsible: the person in charge of (or responsible for) a specific project task. there are many benefits to using a raci matrix template, but the main one is that it provides a standardized raci chart example for your organization. create a new raci matrix from your template and a list of tasks for each deliverable.

add in columns to track the project progress, and update it in real-time. approvals are a special type of task in asana with options to “approve,” “request changes,” or “reject” the task. attach files directly to tasks in asana with the google workplace file chooser, which is built into the asana task pane. a raci matrix template is a tool to define a project team’s roles and responsibilities for a project deliverable. it enables more individuals, teams, and departments to create and use a raci matrix for their work.