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all revenue from a new paid subscription or renewal is credited to the period the transaction occurred in, so unlike normalized views like mrr, revenue may experience more significant period-over-period fluctuations depending on your mix of subscription durations being started or renewed. in addition, the revenue chart includes revenue from other sources like non-consumable and consumable purchases, as well as non-renewing subscriptions. the default stacked area visualization allows you to measure new revenue and renewal revenue distinctly, with the complete stack representing your total revenue. the revenue chart also estimates the amount deducted for commissions, fees, and taxes from each store to yield an expected proceeds amount. to learn more about how revenuecat estimates commissions & taxes, click here.

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a bar chart works well to present sales or revenue results over time for a company, product or region, as shown above. the bar chart is most useful to highlight growth rather than seasonality in revenue with typical time periods of years, quarters, or months. in this case two or three digits are all that’s needed to allow your audience to spot the growth trend. whether you use a bar or line chart to show revenue trends is a matter of personal preference. i added period over period changes (yoy growth) below the chart in a simple data row. you might see a spike in a specific year or a general trend (e.g., increasing growth rate). this is the best measure of average year over year growth over the entire time period covered in the chart.

some companies have two revenue types (e.g., products and services), two regions (e.g., domestic and international) or two customer types (e.g., enterprise and small/medium business). adding the percentage of sales in each category by time period and the cagr data for each category to the right of the chart allows the audience to see if one or the other category was the primary driver of growth. i’ll do a follow-up post that shows charts you can use to highlight sales trends for 3+ categories of customers, revenue types or regions. as a further aside, you can use the charts above to track measures other than revenue. i’ll propose some other options in a later post for tracking trends in measures that can be either positive or negative like ebitda, cash flow or profit. message me if you’d like to learn more about the charts, have suggestions for other templates i should create, or if you’ve got any questions about applying this type of template to your own data visualization needs. mark contributions as unhelpful if you find them irrelevant or not valuable to the article.

government revenue is income received from taxes and other sources to pay for government expenditures. the primary sources of revenue for the u.s. government are individual and corporate taxes, and taxes that are dedicated to funding social security and medicare. in addition to taxes, government revenue also comes from customs duties, leases of government-owned land and buildings, the sale of natural resources, various usage and licensing fees, and payments to federal agencies like the u.s. department of the interior. in fiscal year 0, federal revenue was equal to 0% of total gross domestic product (gdp), or economic activity, of the united states that year $ trillion. the federal government also collects revenue from services like admission to national parks and customs duties on foreign imports and exports. most of the revenue the u.s. government collects comes from contributions from individual taxpayers, small businesses, and corporations through taxes.

government revenue also comes from payments to federal agencies like the u.s. department of the interior. other agencies generate revenue from leases, the sale of natural resources, and various usage and licensing fees. unlike personal income taxes, which support a variety of programs, these taxes are only used to fund social security and medicare. the funds in these accounts are responsible for providing workers and their families with retirement, disability, and survivor’s insurance benefits. the majority of federal revenue comes from individual and corporate income taxes as well as social insurance taxes (such as the social security taxes described above). in fiscal year 2022, federal revenue was equal to of total gross domestic product (gdp), or economic activity, of the united states that year $. since federal taxes are based on a percentage of income for people and businesses, as people and businesses earn more the federal revenue from taxes increases.

design a vibrant revenue area chart and more with this net revenue gross profit and net profit area chart template. you can fully customize the area chart, including the vibrant color scheme, classic font, and bold headings. start off personalizing the financial area chart with a vibrant color scheme to hold people’s attention. utilize one of the pre-generated color palettes on venngage, or make your own vibrant color scheme for the area chart. when it comes to the content, make sure it’s simple to read by applying a classic font. there’s a wide variety of fonts available on venngage from classic to dramatic fonts, so don’t hesitate to choose the one that works for you. finalize the net revenue gross profit and net profit area chart template by incorporating bold headings. bold typeface will make the text jump out at the reader and you can easily apply it to the area chart with a mere click. begin editing your own revenue area chart today!