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suppose you have the data as shown below for which you want to create a chart to show the actual value as well as where it stands as compared with the target value. in the above data, the achieved% is calculated using the total and target values (total/target). hi, thank you for this information. would really appreciate the help, thank you! thank you for this great tutorial!

i was able to create the thermometer for tracking out team’s giving. i am attempting to modify this and changed the axis range to 7000. every month, for the next 36 months i will be adding approx. i want be able to enter a value (that i am adding monthly) in a cell and also on another cell to show a cumulative running total of how much i’ve added. now, the cumulative sum would be reflected in a3 and the thermometer chart would work. the data entry part is in a separate tab sheet where i have a table with the date, amt. in another cell, g2 i have an array formula =offset(data,rows(data)-1,2), which gives the cummulative total from the table.

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drag the dimension field you’re measuring your progress in (the name of your goal) onto your rows field and the measure that is your end goal onto the measures field (this will make up the full length of your thermometer). to make the circles sit at the base of the bars you need to combine the axes – do this by right clicking on the avg(0) pill in the rows field and tick the dual axis option.

right click on the avg(0) axis at the top and select synchronise axis from the drop-down menu. click on the sum of sales (or your equivalent) mark card and change the mark type back to bar. click and drag the measure you want to be your progress towards goal (the mercury in your thermometer) and drag it onto your bottom axis – two parallel green lines will appear when you hover over the axis.

a thermometer chart is beneficial if we want to track and monitor progress in terms of goals and targets set on a project. it displays the percentage of the task completed, taking the target as 100%. a thermometer chart is a variation of a bar chart and it is often described as the linear version of the gauge chart. and create a simple bar chart like below : step 2: now let us create the circle for the rounded bottom of the thermometer. double-click next to the sales in the column field and enter avg(0) , step 3: now right-click on the newly created field and select dual axis. step 4: right-click on the axis of the chart and select synchronize axis. the newly created field will automatically start at the beginning of the axis at the zero line. right-click on the sum(sales) in the column field and select quick table calculation and percent of total. the values in the chart also changed into the percentage of sales. step 7: right-click the previously added sales field and select compute using and cell.

then right-click the newly added sales field and select quick table calculation and percentage of total. step 11: click the color icon under measure values and change the color of the chart as you desire. i have changed the % of total sales along table (across) to red and avg(0) to red, which will reflect like mercury in the thermometer. when marks are not stacked, they are drawn independently along an axis. since we need to show the progress of the actual sales to the target sales (i.e., 100 %), we are turning the stack marks as off. i like to change the number to percentage. and changing the font size of the labels to bold. these charts are commonly used to show the progress of fundraising to show the actual amount raised vs the target amount raised. always keep in mind to understand your data and choose a visualization chart that best suits to be easily interpreted by your target audience. web scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website.