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you can download an image or embed a dynamic thermometer for fundraising on your website. a fundraising thermometer is a visual representation of your fundraising progress as you work towards a fundraising goal. there are a number of ways this free fundraising thermometer can be used to help you best communicate fundraising progress to your community. using a customized fundraising thermometer is an excellent way to visually show fundraising progress over the course of your email campaign and capture your audience’s attention! this is one of the best places to share your fundraising thermometer – just be sure you update the progress frequently (~ 2-3x a week for short-term fundraisers) and copy and paste the code on your site. one of the most creative ways to use a fundraising thermometer is to incorporate it into your virtual fundraising events, webinars, or livestreams!

for example, one in-person fundraising event hosted by visarts used a fundraising thermometer to raise over $10,000 in just 8 minutes! adding the updated image to the body of your newsletter is quick and easy. donors like knowing that their donation is making an impact in the community and toward your goal. so while you’re drafting your emails, simply upload your fundraising thermometer in the body text for some extra emphasis and appreciation. causevox is a digital fundraising platform that helps thousands of nonprofits raise more online with less time and effort. these days, all you need […] it only takes one day of collective giving to transform entire communities.

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click the “copy html” button to copy the code for your customized fundraising thermometer to your clipboard, then paste the code on your website, or in your newsletter, or email. a visual representation of fast-growing funds is helpful to get people to donate since they’re more likely to respond to a clear goal, and they believe their contribution can help you reach it. donations thermometers can be used internally, added to your website, or printed for live events. you may have a compelling argument for why someone should give to your campaign, but a well-designed fundraising thermometer (like ours!) if that didn’t convince you, here are the top 3 reasons why you definitely want to use a fundraising thermometer in your next campaign: depending on your organization and the type of campaign you’re running, fundraising thermometers (also known as goal thermometers), can be used in a variety of ways to achieve maximum impact. don’t forget to use the free fundraising thermometer generator above. all you have to do is enter the amount, select colors you’d like and you’re good to go.

only one or two people in the team were even aware of the campaign. needless to say they didn’t raise enough money to qualify. crowdfunding doesn’t work unless you have a crowd ready to support you – and your team is the best way to reach a large crowd. apart from the larger $5000 goal (for which they contacted investors and made calls to larger donors) they created a smaller goal of $1000 just for the team and used a colorful fundraising thermometer to track all donations. the donations thermometer created a friendly rivalry with members contacting all their friends and fighting for the chance to color in rises in temperature as the donations started coming in. much of the excitement, urgency and sense of competition came from the large fundraising thermometer that was created together in the office. they’ve used one for all subsequent campaigns! ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

here’s how our fundraising thermometer works. ): our easy goal tracker makes it easy for you to get a visual representation of hitting your target goal amounts… which could inspire your donors to act. additionally, the more potential donors that see your fundraising thermometer hitting major milestones, the more eager they will be to help your group achieve (and exceed!)

when you revise or update your fundraising thermometer, send an update email to your members and followers each week during the fundraising campaign, along with a link to your fundraising thermometer on your event’s landing page. followers will see just how much their money has assisted your campaign… and how much more you need to reach your fundraising goals, which can inspire them to act. it allows you to set and smash your fundraising goals while your donors get a lasting reminder of their generosity in the form of a high-quality laser-engraved brick or tile. contact us today to learn more about how we can help you start your own brick fundraiser… or simply download our free fundraising thermometer to use for a different campaign of yours.

easy to set up and with a bunch of useful features to help you reach your goal. what generates the most excitement is a fundraising competition between local chapters of metallica’s fan club. the tool is straightforward, easy to customize, and has become an invaluable part of our campaign. the customer service is among the best we’ve come across.

it is also super simple to integrate the leaderboards onto our existing website, and to update them whenever we need to. we loved how easy and smooth it was to use it, and the live updates were a big wow! also, being able to update the company logo and each player’s profile picture gave it a personal touch and encouraged more participants. a fundraising thermometer is a digital tool used to visually track and display the progress of a fundraising campaign towards its financial goal.

a fundraising meter or thermometer is a visual representation of nonprofit campaign progress designed to motivate donors and increase giving to your cause. however, we’ve discovered that many of the commonly sought-after graphic design assets for nonprofits, like a fundraising tracker or thermometer, are seriously lacking in quality. for your next fundraising campaign, use our free template! fundraising thermometers are an exceptionally effective addition to your nonprofit’s fundraising campaign because humans are naturally visual beings. this additional measurement for engagement is why fundraising thermometers are a part of the recipe for campaign success.

with a tool that improves engagement for both your organization’s staff and supporters, your next fundraising campaign is sure to succeed. or, if you’re running a product fundraiser and selling something like popcorn, you might gamify your campaign and encourage your team to meet certain selling goals with the help of a thermometer. plus, certain methods of displaying the thermometer may be more impactful depending on the type of campaign your nonprofit is hosting. for instance, you can: when it comes to using your fundraising thermometer, analyze your campaign first. no matter what colors you pick, this is a high-resolution image that can be blown up to the size you need. bloomerang is the community-focused nonprofit donor management software built to deliver a better giving experience and help organizations thrive.