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you might want to make a chore chart for college roommates or look for a way to divide tasks when you move into your first apartment. make a roommate chore chart to help you maintain your peaceful home environment. a roommate chore chart should include shared chores for everyone to complete daily, monthly, and weekly. however, you should keep a few points in mind when creating your chore chart: no one wants to feel like he or she is doing all the housework. if one roommate thinks a quick daily dusting does the trick and the other thinks you need to see one’s reflection on the countertops, you might be setting yourselves up for conflict. some points to consider when you’re making a college chore chart for dorm roommates include: life happens, and sometimes people’s schedules change unexpectedly.

when this happens, it’s essential to be flexible and adjust your chore chart accordingly. if there’s a task you need to do more frequently, let your roommates know. also, arrange a time to sit down with your roommates and discuss the chore chart. for instance, one roommate might be on trash duty every third week of the month, or you can switch chores each month and give trash duty the first week. add your chore chart to your roommate agreement and display a copy in a common area so everyone can easily refer back to your agreed-upon rules. creating a chore chart for roommates offers a great way to discuss your needs and wants so everyone in your home can come to a shared agreement.

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today let’s revisit a post that i published my first year of college, sharing the roommate chore chart that i created for my group of roommates that successfully kept our dorm room clean! when you’re moving out of your parent’s house and living with other people outside of your family members for the first time, messiness can become an issue. not only is it not attractive to look at, it’s also a breeding ground for germs and illness. when my roommates and i met over the summer before our freshman year through facebook, we immediately knew that our room would not be that place. i immediately offered to create the chore chart for our group and it paid off so much! during the time that i lived with these roommates having this chore chart really helped ensure our space was tidy and that we didn’t have any arguments about chores.

the rules were that the chore had to be completed at least twice during that time, and with one preferred but not required deep cleaning of the area on the final day before the rotation. especially considering that we had a lot of people over all the time, they all compliment how good our room looks. we printed it out and hung it on the wall next to our bathroom mirror. once a chore is completed we put a asterisk (*) next to our name. this template can be used to create a chore chart for 2 roommates, 3 roommates, or 4 roommates – rotating the chores every 15 days. we knew there’d be a chore chart, but i like your ideas with asterisks and two-week rotations.

thankfully, there’s a roommate chore app to make pretty much every task more pleasant and efficient. thankfully, you don’t have to be a brilliant household manager to create a roommate chore chart that works. there are apps to pay your roommate for your portion of the rent and apps to manage reoccurring expenses. you and your roommates can customize these duties according to your individual preferences. or you can adjust your roommate chore chart according to your needs.

add items manually or scan the barcode to make sure you don’t forget any of your favorite products. ourhome also helps you create grocery lists, a household calendar and a roommate chore chart in a clean, easy to read format. you and your roommates can each attach a bank account, prepaid credit card or debit card to pay each other for your portion of the bills directly through the app. with a little experimentation, time and open communication, you and your roommates will find a bill-paying solution and roommate chore chart that work for everyone. she’s the author of north dakota beer: a heady history, co-host of the travel tomorrow podcast and leads travel and creativity workshops across the midwest.

having a roommate can be both fun and stressful at the same time. one way to avoid confrontations is to divide chores equally with your roommate and ensure that one person does not get to do more work than others. you print a free chore chart from the selection below and place it somewhere everyone can see. there is a more detailed chore list for roommates below. it is a way to break the monotony as you can get a new chore each time you spin the wheel. in some cases, instead of making a chore chart, you can opt to use a wall calendar. a wall calendar acts as a reminder to everyone on what they need to get done and by when, keeping track of everyone. assigning each roommate a specific area to handle is another way of dividing chores.

to ensure that everyone chips in the budget you can add the cleaning supplies list to the chore chart to remember whose turn it is to replenish the cleaning supplies. alternatively, you can all contribute to the budget for supplies that will be used by everyone. create a chores chart or use any other method to make sure everyone participates in your everyday chores for easy and peaceful co-existence. there is a chore list for roommates (that you can edit) that appears for each block of time. to add an additional chart for another person, right-click on the weekly schedule tab and select copy. to add each person’s name, right-click on each tab and select “rename”. the chore list must take into account both the chores that each person needs to do for himself and those that are for everyone. one of the reasons that roommates tend to argue is the division of the chores.