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switch to the application you want to copy the chart to. if you’re saving as a separate image file open your favorite graphics editor, such as microsoft paint. place your cursor where you want the chart to appear, then select paste from the ribbon, or press ctrl+v on your keyboard. if you’ve pasted your chart into a graphics editor to save as a separate image file, use file > save to save it as a new file. tip: if you find that there’s a lot of unwanted whitespace around your chart, you can use your graphics editor’s cropping tool to remove it. if you’re saving the chart as a new image file, you’ll need to select a format for the file. here are some of the most popular choices. improves the quality of graphics on a web site because parts of the image can be transparent and brightness can be controlled.

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the weak point of excel charts is the lack of an option to save them as images or to export to another file. but what if you need to copy all charts in the entire excel workbook? the macro is as simple as this: activechart.export “d:\my charts\specialchart.png” this line of code lets you export the selected chart as a .png image to the specified folder. before you take on the macro, create a folder where you want to export the chart. all you need to do is to select saveselectedchartasimage and click the run button: now open your destination folder and check if the .png image of your chart is there.

is there a way to checkin the image on sharepoint as well the method i like the most that is not here is save the page as pdf and then crop it! i have one question, i’d like to export the chart to file of the format .bitmap it is possible? i have the same question as lucas, i export my file, but is there a way to increment the file name so it does not save over the prior one? if this does not work, then you will need to print out the picture and scan it. that is a very detailed explanation about converting chart to image file.

exporting charts and graphs from excel as image files can be incredibly useful. in this post, we’ll cover multiple ways that you can save excel charts as images. saving excel charts as image files can make them much more versatile, shareable, and protected. additionally, image formats have wider compatibility across different email clients compared to excel file formats. furthermore, image charts can be used in non-office applications that don’t allow excel embedding. finally, with the ability to edit charts in graphics editors like photoshop, images provide more flexibility for enhancing excel visualizations outside of spreadsheets.

in summary, the versatility and shareability of charts can be greatly improved by saving excel charts as images. if you work with excel charts frequently, the add-in makes exporting them as images much easier. with macabacus installed, you can: for frequent excel users working with many charts, macabacus can save hours of time and effort exporting charts as images. so in summary, png and jpg are the most common and useful formats for excel charts as images. following these tips will give you print-ready excel charts when exporting and get the most out of excel’s image saving capabilities. for frequent excel chart users, tools like macabacus can automate exporting multiple charts as images with just a few clicks.

excel charts are a great way to show your data visually and are often the most used ones when you have to present it to your manager/clients. if you only have a couple of charts that you want to save as images, you can use the copy-paste method, but if you have many, it’s better to use the ‘download as html’ or vba methods. the benefit of this method overtaking a screenshot is that this method only copies the chart and you need to adjust the white space in ms paint once (this may not be needed if you’re using any other graphics tool). if you have a workbook that has a lot of charts and you want to save all these charts at one go, a better way is to save the excel workbook as an html file.

if you only need to save the active chart (the one that you have selected) into a specific folder, you can use the below vba code: the above code will save the active chart in the example folder with the name chartname in the png format. in such a case, you can use a slightly longer vba code mentioned below: the above code goes through each worksheet in the workbook and then within each worksheet it goes to each chart. another good thing about using vba is that you can customize the code to only save charts as images from some specific sheets. it actually gets pasted as a ‘microsoft office graphic object’ this option is useful for people who want to have the chart remain a chart even when in ms word or powerpoint, so you can edit and format it as a chart. in case you only have a few charts, you can use the ms paint method, but in case there are many charts across sheets that you want to save, it’s better to use the html method or the vba code.