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there are money-saving challenges, money-saving tips, and more to get you started- you can even check out budgeting templates if you want to start budgeting your money. if you want to bulk up your savings or start an emergency fund, you can start by saving a bit of money every week with a 52-week money challenge. save $3 at first, and add $3 to your total every work- or take the week you’re on a multiply it by 3 (so week 6 would be 6*3 = 18). the best part is these tips are very doable and easy to follow. there are many money savings charts that can help you budget, but having one tailored to your needs is important to save extra cash. mint is an incredible tool to use to start budgeting online and taking control of your finances. this is as simple as it gets!

be conscious of some of the electronics you keep plugged in and consider unplugging them to save money. some simple energy-saving hacks can help you save up to $250 per year. and don’t forget to use your home depot coupons when making home improvements! food waste is a great place to improve on and start saving money. this chart is great for seeing the most cost-effective ways to travel and stay at different locations. take control of your life and start living the stress-free life you have always dreamed of. a organization, productivity, and home systems expert. with my master’s degree in education and life experience as a mom i help other moms simplify and organize their entires lives.

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saving chart guide

do you find it difficult to save money? you can have a chart for different things you want to save for, i.e., vacations, shopping, etc. it will help you calculate how much your living expenses are and how much you will need to save. if you want to save faster than the 52-week chart, then the 26-week money-saving chart is for you. this is one of the best money-saving charts to help you reach a big savings goal.

you can make a money-saving chart to help you save a down payment for your first home. once you pick your destination, you can estimate the cost of your vacation and use that to create a vacation money-saving chart. some believe you have to spend a ton of money to have the wedding of your dreams, but you can have your dream wedding even on a budget. this is a great goal to help you with your emergency fund too. if you want to save $1,000 in 3 months, you will need to save $83.33 a week!