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the doses from these have been simulated using mird5 mathematical phantoms, evaluation being made of dose conversion factors (dcfs) and organ dose. in this regard, exposure was simulated via the use of mird5 mathematical male and female phantoms, with evaluation made of dose conversion factors (dcfs) and organ dose, focusing on assessing external exposure to wearers. interpolation was used to calculate the absolute efficiency of unknown radionuclides in the samples. the pendant was taken to be a sphere of 2 cm diameter, dose evaluations being carried out with the pendant located on the chest.

for cp8, the highest organ equivalent dose was shown to be the heart, at 2.81 and 2.31 msv y-1 for the male and female phantom respectively, assuming a nominal wearing period of 2000 hours in one year. the dose equivalent was also measured for the eight pendants capable of giving rise to annual effective doses in excess of 1 msv/y. pendants mp15 and gp11 recorded the greatest level of radioactivity, th, u and k being found to be greatest in sample mp15. dose rate (μsv/h) of radioactivity in the energy pendant, using survey meter (identifinder 2) portable detector.

the reduction in number and duration of seizures in this case suggests that the use of scalar field therapy in the treatment of seizure disorder should be further explored. the patient is a 4-yr-10-mo-old polynesian, caucasian, asian female with a 3 year history of seizure disorder and autism. these periods became more and more frequent and the patient was taken to a pediatric neurologist. the patient was accompanied by and supervised by her mother and received two to three scalar field sessions per week.

patient’s mother was asked to keep a log of seizures one week prior to the therapy and to continue keeping a log to see if there was any difference in number or duration of seizures. after the second treatment, patient’s mother noted a reduction in the number and duration of seizures. it is possible that the reduction in seizures may be a coincidental reduction as the patient ages and mylenization progresses. this case study suggests that the scalar field therapy delivered by the ees reduced the number and severity of seizures in this child without adding medication. this is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the creative commons attribution license, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.journal of neurology research is published by elmer press inc.

wearing scalar energy products can increase your radiation exposure. consumers who stop wearing the pendants can safely dispose of them in the bin. forming part of a study of radiological risk arising from use of radioactive consumer products, investigation is made of pendants containing autistic children have a bimodal onset of epilepsy with the first peak before 5 years old and a second peak during adolescence. seizures are much more frequent, . scalar energy. magnetrx® hematite magnetic therapy bracelet – max strength natural pain relief and healing stones the eesystem generates bio-active energy fields which can boost immunity, relieve pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and enhance energy. sunday times news: electromagnetic waves which exist only in the vacuum of empty space constitute an ocean of infinite energy called scalar, .

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