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for example, a classroom with seating affixed and directed toward a podium at the front of the room results in instructors spending more time in lecture and students demonstrating less active engagement. instructors can consider ways to modify seating arrangements and align those arrangements with the demands of classroom activities to maximize student learning. a horseshoe setup can be particularly effective when the instructor wishes to project and discuss course-related material in the front of the class. instructors are encouraged to map the classroom seating arrangement to the goals of instruction.

in a traditional classroom setup where the instructor cannot change the seating arrangements, they can maximize student engagement by implementing think-pair-share or other active learning activities conducive to students working with a neighbor. display names: instructor and students can change their display name in zoom to reflect the name they want to be called as well as their use of pronouns–enabling everyone in the learning space to personalize the experience. francescucci, a and laila rohani, l. exclusively synchronous online (viri) learning: the impact on student performance and engagement outcomes. watts, l. (2016) synchronous and asynchronous communication in distance learning: a review of the literature. the poorvu center for teaching and learning routinely supports members of the yale community with individual instructional consultations and classroom observations.

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and where people sit depends on the type of seating arrangement that’s chosen for the event, meeting, conference, etc. choose the type of seating arrangement based on what activities you have planned for the event as well as how long the event will be and any specific needs attendees may have. keep in mind that the type of seating arrangement you choose depends on the space you have available, your goals for the event, and what furniture you have at your disposal. a successful strategy of many planners who use this seating arrangement style is to create a clear focal point front and center to direct attention towards a speaker, then strategically seat participants you’d like to group together for discussions.

keep in mind that tables in banquet seating arrangements usually accommodate between 8-10 people. boardroom and conference seating offers one long, rectangular table for guests to sit facing each other. whether you choose cocktail tables for your entire space or mix them in with other seating types, make sure to place the chairs in a u-shape around them with an opening that faces a chosen focal point. use this seating arrangement type for groups that would be too crowded at a regular banquet table and to give those sitting on each end some extra elbow room. u-shaped or horseshoe seating features a group of tables in the shape of a box with a hollow center and one open end.

sometimes, students have to work in groups, sometimes you give a presentation, sometimes you do some corner work. this seating arrangement is especially handy when testing your students or when you want them to work individually. seating your students this way is a good idea when you want them to focus on the front of the classroom. this seating arrangement is a good idea to start the year. it’s best to use this arrangement when giving a presentation or when teaching in front of the classroom.

in contrast to the double u-shape arrangement, this u-shape for in a large classroom doesn’t really cast students out. this way, students give full attention to the teacher or students at the front of the classroom, and they can join in on a classroom discussion easily. when you’re in a classroom with student desks and computers, you can use this classroom layout. the circle is a classic seating formation in which you encourage your students to join a classroom talk or discussion. make sure to move around your student desks from time to time so you have the perfect classroom seating arrangement for your lesson. if you have any other setup ideas or a fun combination in your classroom, be sure to share them in our facebook group.

a smart seating style sets the tone for your event and helps guests feel comfortable, relaxed, and engaged. but keep in mind that the inefficient use of floor space with this arrangement means a reduction in seating capacity, so you need a large venue to pull this off. ➖cons: it can be difficult for people sitting at the end rows to hear and see everything. the layout enables you to get closer to your guests whilst still having that feel for a top table.

its main goal is to provide a focal point for the speaker so that everyone can see and hear them well. these elements will help you determine the seating arrangement that will help you host a functional and enjoyable event for all attendees. the seating arrangements provided in this article are the most popular ones, and we’re sure that you’ll choose the best one for your event among them! guest number – the number of guests you expect will help you determine the size and layout of the space you need for the seating arrangement.