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for most companies, the primary way to improve customer service is to develop a streamlined workflow. establishing a customer service process is necessary for guiding the team’s work in business operations. thanks to the flow chart’s design, your agents will act faster and more decisively. ensuring customers have a good experience is the primary goal of any company and business. the lack of a specific customer service guide can lead to your employees getting confused and not knowing how to solve the problem.

so regardless of which channel they interact with your company, you need to ensure they receive a consistent experience. it leads them to leave your business to look for a competitor. it is okay to draw the process on paper and put each step in a box. for example, if a customer calls your business to place an order, you’ll need to show alternative actions if out of stock. as a customer support leader, you need to ensure that your customers have a happy and consistent experience at every touchpoint. there is no denying that a good customer service flowchart will be sufficient to ensure customer satisfaction.

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flowchart is a kind of diagram showing how steps in a process fit together, through which you can build a step-by-step picture of the process for analysis, discussion, or communication. edraw provides plenty of pre-drawn shapes and a collection of dynamic tools that makes you easily create a professional flowchart. the below example of service flowchart shows a sequence of steps in a business service, which can be used as a flowchart drawing sample. it presents the relationship among customer, company and the third party service provider. more examples has been provided on the flowchart examples page. please click here to free download flowchart software. then you can use the built-in templates to create and present your flow charts fast. edrawmax is an advanced all-in-one diagramming tool for creating professional flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, uml diagrams, floor plans, electrical diagrams, science illustrations, and more. just try it, you will love it!

for 57% of people, this is one of the issues which influences their loyalty to a company. a customer service flowchart is a visual tool which sets out the various steps in the process and the order in which they are followed. while the internet is a rich source of information, it is almost impossible to find a customer service flowchart that matches your company’s service flow exactly. this is because the customer service process is unique to each company and the segment it operates in, which makes it vital for your business to create its own specific flow.

it is important that the customer service flowchart avoids transferring the customer to other agents as much as possible. this helps maintain a high level of customer service and strengthens the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. if that is the case, it would be usual for the customer service flowchart to identify the next step as sending the customer satisfaction survey. however, it is equally important to customise the customer service process flow for your company in order to meet its specific characteristics and needs. get to grips with everything about the whatsapp chatbot: how it works, 4 advantages and 3 essential steps to activate and streamline your customer service

let’s take a look at the different types of flowcharts there are and how you can use the right one for your business communication needs. this decision flowchart is quite simple, but it is an ideal example of a format with questions that need to be asked and the order in which they should be posed. a swimlane flowchart is a type of workflow diagram that is always cross-functional and illustrates the order in which decisions or actions happen and the relationships between them.

an event-driven process or edp flowchart (also called an epc diagram, with epc standing for event-driven process chain) is similar to a use case flowchart or diagram in that it focuses on customers or users. for more details on business process mapping, read our blog post: how to diagram a business process [process diagramming templates] by now, you must have realized how versatile flowcharts are and how they can be used in different industries for various decision-making scenarios. whether you want to help your team members visualize and memorize a new business process, make a crucial executive decision or engage your audience with an entertaining visual, the various types of flowcharts available with venngage should suit all your needs.