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you can customize your skill charts to as many stars as you want. write the reasoning for your star rating, remind the student what they need to improve on, or simply leave words of encouragement. have your own skill charts and progressions? you can even upload videos and photos of those skills to show as demonstrations to the students, instructors, and families. we have been looking for a testing software for many years. before myskillchart we did all of our testing on paper, this was a huge time waster for us! it is now so much easier for our coaches to test each child, for our admin staff to track the testing and for our parents to view their child’s progress. we love that we can upload videos so our coaches can see exactly what the skill is supposed to look like.

we have looked into many different testing software programs and myskillchart is by far the best one for us! we have found the system to be an efficient way for coaches to record the progress of athletes. the interface of myskillchart is easy for both coaches and parents to navigate. the team at myskillchart has provided exceptional customer service to our organization over the past several years. the support team is always quick to respond to questions or concerns, and have been very accommodating in adapting features of myskillchart to meet our program’s needs. this will be our third year using my skill chart and we are very happy with the product. we have received a lot of compliments about the program and the ease of using it. parents and our coaches like the videos we use to show how each skill is performed.

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this skill chart program is divided into three levels, 4 events for girls, and 6 events for boys. a total of 144 skills all equipped with video examples. skill chart is composed of four levels… white bands, red bands, blue bands, and black bands. each level is composed of over 30 skills, all equipped with video demonstrations. perfect program to implement in gymnastics, cheer, dance, and martial arts facilities. each level is composed of over 30 skills, all equipped with video demonstrations. the climbers aerial arts & fitness™ is a perfect program to implement in gymnastics, cheer, dance, and even martial arts facilities. the skill chart is 50 skills, levels 1-5, all equipped with video demonstrations for your cheerleaders.

according to yin, this skill chart program is equipped with all the fundamental skills that are necessary to create elite gymnasts. this skill chart program is loaded with the 89 skills that yin considers crucial in the ages of 5-10 years old. there are 3 different “steps”, step 01 (ages 5-7), step 02 (ages 7-9), and step 03 (ages 9-10). the program also gives the students and coaches the ability to view what the skill should look like. all the skills are equipped with video examples for your gymnasts to view and imitate. the program is equipped with 4 levels, 4 events (bars, beam, tumbling, trampoline) and 148 skills. all fully loaded with video demonstration of preschool aged gymnasts. the program is equipped with 4 levels, 4 events (bars, beam, tumbling, trampoline) and 148 skills.

expert manufacturing advice tailored for step-by-step implementation in the workplace. to facilitate and drive training, as well as keep records, all these documents can be linked in a log. linking these documents ensures employees are working on activities and undertaking training directly aligned to the core business objectives. ultimately it obtain full skills chart benefits. the training log front cover, departmental procedure index rating sheet and the skills chart will be available as direct downloads soon. note: the ‘record of training’ and ‘pages for notes and actions’ can simply be written/typed up bullet point notes recording training and associated info such as follow-up actions. 8.  a number should be placed next to each procedure in the log book,  depending on the skill level agreed. 11.   the head of department should update the skills chart according to the new skill levels attained (represented by the number rating on the procedure index page of the log book).

this may include scheduling time in for training or perhaps matching the individual with a more experienced employee capable of coaching and transferring expertise. 15.   when this process has been undertaken for the entire department, a new skills chart is printed and displayed on the department wall. the skills chart system represents a powerful method of systematically identifying, displaying and improving skills in a team and organisation. the use of procedures, the skills chart and training log books are an ideal method of introducing real benefits into any business. as such, it is an idea small manufacturers should embrace if they are serious about tackling the skills shortage by doing something practical that works for them. see how our low cost, proven guides are transforming the fortunes of engineers like you and small manufacturing businesses just like yours… the engineering world is changing quickly. get the word out in discussions and blogs. who do you know who’d be interested?…

track, analyze, and improve student progress with myskillchart’s comprehensive skill tracking platform designed for teachers, coaches, and parents. with myskillchart, creating and customizing skill charts is a breeze. simply input your classes and rosters, select your skill charts, and get started tracking progress today. no more printing out charts or jotting down notes on paper, online skill tracking saves you time and is good for the environment!

myskillchart’s detailed student profiles are designed to help parents and instructors easily track student progress. each profile includes comments, videos, and photos posted by the instructor on the student’s skill chart, providing a comprehensive overview of their performance. these badges are displayed next to the student’s name on their profiles and level-up certificates are sent out to families instantly, keeping students and parents engaged and motivated. with access to performance videos and instructor feedback, parents can monitor their child’s improvement and encourage them to keep learning more in your classes! you can create your own or download our skill charts, made by experts in their field, and come equipped with video demonstrations.