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gantt view is one of the four ways to view your sheet in smartsheet and offers a visual timeline of your work. when you switch your sheet or report to gantt view, tasks appear as bars in a timeline. the columns you add must represent the start date and the end date of your tasks. the gantt view does not recognize date columns with a column formula applied. you could also set up column formulas and use a report to display your gantt chart.

the chart appears to the right of your columns. when you use row hierarchies, child rows display as individual task bars in the gantt chart based on their start and end dates. anyone can use gantt view. in the gantt chart of a report, you can save changes to the gantt chart timeline, and these changes appear when exported. add dependencies to your gantt charts to efficiently manage your project timeline and the relationships between individual tasks.

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project managers in every industry, across all departments, use real-time gantt charts in smartsheet to manage work, track tasks in progress, and improve processes. share your gantt chart with both internal and external stakeholders to provide visibility into project timelines, progress, and task dependencies. highlight the critical path to see what tasks affect your final delivery date. use the baselines feature to easily compare the current project schedule to the planned one, automatically calculate variance, and accurately report on project completion date. ✔ smartsheet rates higher than top competitors for gantt chart features such as critical path, task dependencies, and drag & drop capabilities.

the smartsheet gantt chart helps us organize and track our projects, leading to more effective communication among team members. i love smartsheet for its easy-to-use and intuitive user interface, which provides the most straightforward learning curve of any competing software. smartsheet is an intuitive application for project management and task monitoring. plan, manage, and view all project tasks within your agile project to maintain visibility and keep all stakeholders in the loop. schedule, track, and manage your project tasks using a visual gantt chart that highlights task dependencies and the critical path. in the past, we had a scheduling meeting that included all of our partners and the scheduling department, and it took over a day… this year, using smartsheet and gantt view, we had our teams pre-populate some of this information — we knocked it down to myself and one other partner, and completed it in about three hours.