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he is a very knowledgeable reflexologist who explained in great detail what exactly reflexology was and how it might help. no doubt, daniel is imbued with a tremendous gift in the area of healing, and i am very grateful to experience the benefits of his healing hands (and good-heartedness). .shyamla r. simi valley, ca9/21/2018- 5 star ratingits been 2 months i have been going to danny for reflexology. danny is a very professional and knowlegable person. his reiki is the best too !!! i have seen few reflexologists and none was able to help me like daniel did, i wish i knew about him before, it would have save me pain and money. i was very skeptic about how reflexology is good and effective, i found it very helpful with chronic pain, stress and imbalance of hormones.thank you daniel for all you have done for me!

i thought it would hurt, but it was a perfect foot treatment. and i learned about the various areas of the foot as it relates to parts of our body, as a warning sign to alert us to possible conditions. i know the school where daniel received an a+ training/education because it has an excellent reputation.i would highly recommend sole reflexology and daniel for any ailment! i came in for a reiki session. i left feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day. i go to him for a lymphatic drainage massage and sometimes for just reflexology! about a month ago i noticed under my right arm didn’t smell to good and guess what after the massage it was gone.

whether you’re seeking relief from a recent or chronic health condition or looking to relax and rejuvenate, reflexology is an effective preventative therapy for maintaining health and well being, as well as a way to assist in relieving a multitude of health challenges. she’s a native of st. louis and lived in indianapolis for many years prior moving to charlotte with her husband and three daughters in 2004. health struggles dana’s journey to reflexology is a very personal one. she struggled with pain and chronic health issues for many years. it was there she found relief from many of her issues through complementary and alternative medicine. the journey continued with an ever-increasing desire to learn as much as she could about the body, how it functions and how to support better health and wellness in a more natural, holistic way. not long after that, she decided to pursue a career in holistic health through reflexology, and sole healing was born.

she has a desire to educate others about the benefits of reflexology and how it can address their own unique health challenges. her passion is to encourage and empower her clients to take control of their health and start on the path towards healing. around the world and throughout history, reflexology has been rediscovered as a health practice time and time again. today’s reflexology came about as american physicians of the late 1800s were trying to explore how the nervous system worked by using the application of pressure and other techniques. pioneers in the self-help movement published, taught, and spoke extensively on reflexology and contributed to the awareness, growth and development of reflexology in the united states. reflexology is a unique modality in the alternative health field which promotes better health and well being.

​sole healing reflexology (full body reiki healing) daniel possesses the distinct gift of being able to heal with his hands my experience was waves of a natural, non-invasive therapy that treats the whole body through the stimulation of reflex points located on the feet, hands and face. helping your body heal itself! most people are struggling with chronic health issues. sole healing reflexology uses reflexology to improve your body’s, reflexology near me, reflexology near me, reflexology emotional healing, sole reflexology, reflexology foot massage near me.

sole healing reflexology is owned by dana mcvey and sole healing reflexology is in concord, north carolina. studies show that reflexology stimulates the release of endorphins, those “feel-good” hormones that see photos, profile pictures and albums from sole healing reflexology., grounded bloom reflexology, concord massage, sticks and stones massage, massage kannapolis, nc.

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