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a standard operating procedure, or sop, flowchart shows the steps to complete a process or task. when you use an sop flowchart, you get to document a process step by step and in great detail, especially if you use layers. this helps you whether you’re trying to create an operating procedure from scratch, understand a current one, or improve an existing one.

once you’re done studying the filled-in example, you can quickly put your information in to create your own sop flowchart and share it with whoever needs to see it. in the top toolbar, go to view, then select layers. this allows you to add, show, hide, lock, and edit layers in the document. select the shape to move shapes between layers, then right-rick on it and select “move to layer.” with lucidchart, you can create detailed sop flowcharts that still make sense visually.

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this slide is part of our flow chart collection presentation. available in google slides, microsoft powerpoint, and apple keynote. get access to this and 500+ other business templates by signing up. dive into the exciting world of structured workflows with the ‘standard operating procedure (sop) flowchart’ slide. this slide takes a unique approach in visually interpreting complex workforce processes as part of the ‘flow chart collection’ presentation. hinged on the cornerstones of simplicity and effectiveness, it offers customizable options for various business scenarios. the intriguing aspect of this slide stems from the brilliant intertwining of the ‘flow chart’ keyword, achieving a harmonious blend of creativity and practicality. this will undoubtedly appeal to college students and mid-level managers aiming to enhance workflow management.

processes and procedures each include step-by-step instructions to help you to correctly perform a specific task. in other words, a process tells you what to do and an sop tells you exactly how to do it. no matter what kind of business you are in, you should have well-defined sop documents that will help your employees understand how to perform routine jobs safely, in compliance with regulations, and consistently no matter who completes the task. for example, if you are writing a document that describes the procedures for closing a restaurant each night, the goal is to secure the building until the prep crew arrives in the morning. or, see if an sop has already been created to accomplish the goal and maybe you just need to review it and looks for ways to improve it.

it’s possible that the sop you are working on is dependent on other sops and teams in other departments in order to be completed successfully. this is the bulk of the document and includes the specific step-by-step procedures that need to be followed in order to successfully comply with company standards and safety regulations. diagram a flowchart, swimlane, or a business process model to help you visualize and document your processes. lucid is proud to serve top businesses around the world, including customers such as google, ge, and nbc universal, and 99% of the fortune 500. lucid partners with industry leaders, including google, atlassian, and microsoft. show—don’t tell—the steps of your workflow with a process map.

multiple possible processes lead to the same output, and each employee may choose a different process each time. the purpose of any standard operating procedure is to clearly define how to do something so that any employee or member of the team can get it done. for example, each time a customer service agent works on a case, they’ll be sure to ask the same questions and document the same pieces of customer info. vague titles, like “invoicing issue 1” or “opening procedure a” won’t allow your team to quickly find the document they need.

including the names of people who created, maintain, or approved the sop can also be helpful so that employees know where to relay feedback or ask questions if they struggle to use the document. helpful visuals could be simple flowcharts, floor plans to show where certain tasks are completed in your facility or how a space is organized, or even diagrams that show which buttons are on a piece of machinery. you can make a flowchart online or and add it to your sop to help your users quickly navigate the procedure. examples of sops for manufacturing include: with customer interaction at the forefront of everything salespeople work on, clear procedures ensure that each customer has a great experience and knows what to expect from your company. get started with a free trial of gliffy for confluence or check out gliffy online to make flowcharts or floor plans that support your documentation today.