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one example of this is sound healing, which is useful for a variety of both physical and emotional issues. everything is a vibration and you tune your body like you tune an instrument. it’s just aligning it with whatever you need.” alison, like many sound healers, uses a variety of instruments including crystal healing bowls, tibetan healing bowls, tuning forks, bells, an aboriginal rain stick and a gong. the mat is plugged into a grounded outlet. after she set up all of her apparatuses in my living room, i lied down and she put a pillow under my knees. she used a crystal bowl near my hips and pitchforks tuned to the vibration of love around the same area. the psoas muscle, which is known as the muscle of emotion or the spirit muscle, responds to the sympathetic nervous system when we are in fight or flight mode.

in the meantime, i tried to relax and breathe into the sound, meditating. the physical vibrations of the instruments were intense. i felt a wave of energy above me, which kept me still on the mat, being pushed towards the earth. while i tried to breathe and remain calm, tears poured out of my eyes. throughout the rest of the day, i continued to cry, but i felt both physically and emotionally renewed. in addition to privates, alison ross currently offers group sound healing classes at aziam yoga in brentwood los angeles. rarely seen in an actual gym, she is a group fitness enthusiast who enjoys pilates (both east coast and west coast styles), spin, barre, power plates, yoga and her newest obsession, versa climbing.

she was born in australia and grew up, for the most part, on the east coast in melbourne. katharine teaches both restorative and yin yoga, and she found that the sound healing instruments paired well with those classes. she began to incorporate playing the instruments in her classes and so enjoyed it, as did her students, that with practice, patience, dedication, and a heart full of love, she offers private sound healing, where a deeper experience of the healing power of the instruments can be felt. she was raised around music and dance, and was immersed in the rhythm of sound and movement. as a young girl her inclination towards music was strictly intuitive, now she understands the technical side of the physics of sound as well as its healing influence.

through music, sound, movement & meditation, she supports you in invoking the healer within and encourages you to feel safe in your unique expression! nicole is a yoga and meditation teacher, sound healer and change maker, passionate about using the 8 limbs of yoga, sound and various other life enhancing tools to help people rise to their full potential. it was in australia and bali where she began to participate in kirtans and sound baths and she realized she had found a new way to combine her love for movement and music again. in 2021, she created a chakra balancing yin + sound + meditation experience and has been enjoying sharing this with the san diego community since. she then fell in love with the sound of the gong during a meditative sound bath and dove deeper into ancient percussion instruments. in honor of her indigenous-mexican grandmothers, she sings in sacred sweat lodges and practices kinetic prayer through dance.

different instruments are set to certain frequencies. sound healing allows your body to heal itself by slowing down your brain waves, which 10 hour – sound of the cosmos – healing gong – for sleep, meditation & energy clearing 70 minute~7 chakra continuous meditation with 21 antique so, how does it work? during a sound healing session, also known as a sound bath, you’ll typically lie down on the floor or a yoga mat, perhaps, healing with sound frequencies, healing with sound frequencies, sound healing instruments, what is vibrational sound healing, sound healing side effects.

in sessions, hand-hammered therapeutic singing bowls are placed directly on the body for a gentle sound massage. the vibration of the bowls on the body, coupled with the focusing of attention on the tones, allows clients to immerse themselves into a meditative state and deep relaxation. sound healing sessions incorporate intention setting, meditation, and the use of crystal bowls and other vibrational therapy instruments such as chimes and sound healing is so wonderful because of the way it “recalibrates” each individual, through bringing anything that is out of alignment back into a session can include crystal singing bowls,, chimes, ocean drum, tibetan bowls, breathwork, guided meditation, or intuitive guidance. these tonal vibrations, what is sound healing meditation, sound healing benefits, sound healing music, youtube sound healing.

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