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a foot spa offers the opportunity to pamper yourself with a relaxing experience in your own home anytime you like. also, in the center of the foot bath is a pumice attachment for targeting calluses. the led display of the best choice products shiatsu foot bath massage spa allows you to control the temperature of the water as well as the settings of your massages and the duration of your soak. turn the foot spa on and off with your toes so you don’t even have to lift a finger. “—kelsey lentz, product tester kids can have the full experience of going to a nail salon and getting a luxurious massage right at home with this foot spa designed just for them.

our testers used each foot spa for over 20 minutes to get a feel for the product. jets and bubbles can be loud and may disrupt your experience if you plan to use your foot spa while relaxing in front of the tv. while there is some overlap for some devices, foot spas and foot massagers are not the same. according to dr. sutera, the benefits of using a foot spa are many. she also did thorough research on the options available to determine the best for different people of different ages and with different needs.

this foot spa has the most amount of customizations to create a perfect experience no matter who is using it. the ivation foot spa massager wins best overall because it is the best option for the greatest number of people with heat control, comfortable massage rollers, and a deep basin. this bath instructs you to wipe the interior of the basin with water and a mild detergent after each use, so i opted for a sturdy paper towel soaked in water and dish soap. while the bath doesn’t list vibration as one of the features, there is a vibration along with the heat and bubbles when you press the button. of our picks, this is the easiest to clean because the bumps on the bottom surface are practically flat and provide no friction against a paper towel, and you don’t have to work around massage rollers or clean any inserts.

after scouring the internet for a variety of foot spas with different features and price points, i decided on the ones for our testing. the kendal foot massager is a solid option that is easy to use and has heat, bubbles, vibration, lights, and massage roller inserts. the bottom of this bath feel soft and nice on the feet, plus the space is deep enough to soak up to the ankle bones. the bubbles and vibration in this bath have minimal intensity, which i don’t mind because it makes for a less noisy experience (the friction of the bath vibrating against the floor or against my feet is sometimes noisy). our team is here for one purpose: to help you buy the best stuff and love what you own.

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