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a structure chart (sc) in software engineering and organizational theory is a chart which shows the breakdown of a system to its lowest manageable levels. each module is represented by a box, which contains the module’s name. [3] a structure chart is a top-down modular design tool, constructed of squares representing the different modules in the system, and lines that connect them. [4] in structured analysis structure charts, according to wolber (2009), “are used to specify the high-level design, or architecture, of a computer program. programmers use a structure chart to build a program in a manner similar to how an architect uses a blueprint to build a house.

in the design stage, the chart is drawn and used as a way for the client and the various software designers to communicate. [5] a structure chart is also used to diagram associated elements that comprise a run stream or thread. an accurate and complete structure chart is the key to the determination of the configuration items (ci), and a visual representation of the configuration system and the internal interfaces among its cis(define ci clearly). during the configuration control process, the structure chart is used to identify cis and their associated artifacts that a proposed change may impact. the next step is to conceptualize the main sub-tasks that must be performed by the program to solve the problem. eventually, the program is broken down to a point where the leaves of the tree represent simple methods that can be coded with just a few program statements”.

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a structure chart in software engineering is a chart which shows the breakdown of a system to its lowest manageable parts. they are used in structured programming to arrange program modules into a tree. each module is represented by a box, which contains the module’s name. the tree structure visualizes the relationships between modules, showing data transfer between modules using arrows. structured charts are an example of a top-down design where a problem (the program) is broken into its components. the tree shows the relationship between modules, showing data transfer between the models. a selection in a structure chart is determined by the diamond symbol. this means a condition will be checked and depending on the result, different modules will be executed. using the semi circular arrow we can represent iteration in structure charts. the arrow encompasses a link to a module, implying that module is executed multiple times. let’s take a look at a coded example:

as a business grows in size, it also grows in complexity – in terms of both the organization and the types of projects it undertakes. structure charts help provide quick visual graphics that help explain basically organization of projects, departments or personnel. structure charts provide a simple, visual solution to these kinds of problems, explains business tutorial website, at its core, the purpose of a structure chart is to provide a basic, graphical representation of a more complicated organization or process, according to smart capital such graphical representations allow the viewer to grasp the basic relationships between parts of a company or a process without getting bogged down in details. the structure chart shapes that are modules typically appear as labeled rectangles, and the arrows denote relationships between the modules, such as direction of data movement.

in a company’s organizational chart, the modules might represent specific individuals, departments or divisions, but the charts normally follow a top-down pattern with the arrows denoting descending levels of power. the use of only two graphical elements forces the chart designer to provide only the essential information, which enhances the odds an outsider can grasp the content. one structure chart example is the work breakdown, which often appears in project management and denotes milestones. system engineers often use structural charts to help educate non-engineers about how new software operates by having modules representing elements of the program and arrows indicating data movement. however, the very simplicity of such charts can be counterproductive. this can lead superiors to underestimate or undervalue the number of man hours a given milestone requires.