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if you are suffering and in pain and seeking ways to feel better or you want to improve your overall health and wellness, you will find ways to heal and transform in our office. coming in to see us will help you discover how you can heal your body in a natural and effective way and feel better than you ever have before! if you are in pain, want to feel better, remove resistance or take your life and health to the next level, you are in the right place. but there is something even more exciting… from the beginning of care we help you learn a new set of skills that has the potential to help you heal yourself. it is not only about helping you get out of pain.

that will give you the edge that will change your life forever. the tools and strategies you will learn at sudbury holistic healing center will give you an edge to help you discover, transform and awaken to a new reality. you begin to walk through life with an increased sense of peace, joy and flexibility. your body has learned to go with the flow instead of being triggered or injured. i use light touch along your spine to work with your body’s own healing ability to stimulate a relaxation response.

sudbury holistic healing in sudbury, massachusetts, was founded by dr. jennifer lees in 1996, with the goal of helping members of the community heal and live a lifetime of health and wellness. here you have an opportunity to heal and to improve the quality of your life. either way, we are here to help you deepen your experience of health and wellness. she had pulled the muscles between her shoulder blades, making her scoliosis (curvature of the spine) worse. this injury caused severe “stabbing” pain in her mid-back, anxiety, tmj and hip pain every day for the following 14 years.

upon receiving care, all of her symptoms began to heal and resolve. dr. jennifer lees received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the state university of new york at albany. she then went on to receive her doctorate of chiropractic from life chiropractic college west near san francisco, california, where she graduated with honors and even served as a supervising doctor in the outpatient clinic. while she was in school, she was fully committed to being the absolute best in the chiropractic field, and her commitment continues to this day. she considers it her job to help you gain full vibrant health, vitality, and ever-increasing levels of peace and happiness.

at sudbury holistic healing center we use advanced neurological technologies to help you go from being in pain to thriving. most of the time, the pain goes away sudbury holistic healing in sudbury, massachusetts, was founded by dr. jennifer lees in 1996, with the goal of helping members of the community heal and live a the holistic healing center – network chiropractic in sudbury, ma 410 boston post rd, ste 26, sudbury, ma 01776. get directions rating 5. (31 reviews) 61, .

holistic healing center map 410 boston post rd. ste 26 sudbury, ma 01776. directions (978) 443-3248. call now more info. hours, accepts credit cards from get directions, reviews and information for holistic healing center in sudbury, ma. holistic healing center. 410 boston post rd, sudbury, ma 01776. the holistic healing center. network chiropractor, dr. jennifer lees (978)443-3248. 410 boston post rd. suite 26 sudbury, ma 01776. 71 posts. 139 followers., .

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