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in this article, i’ll explain what a swimlane process map is, how you can use it in your business and how you can create one easily using venngage’s swimlane flowchart maker. by seeing each step and who is responsible for it, team members can get a clear picture of the process and how it flows. swimlane diagrams can also help to identify bottlenecks or other inefficiencies where a process is not working the way it should be. remedying this is easy: you can break down the process into smaller stages and create swimlane diagrams for each stage.

in this template, you can visualize the flow of activities in a process. they can help you identify any errors or omissions, and suggest ways to improve the flow of the process. you can create a swimlane process map in microsoft word. if you’re looking to create a swimlane process map, venngage offers a variety of templates that you can use.

swimlane process map format

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swimlane process map guide

swimlanes add an extra level of clarity about who does what to process flowcharts. a swimlane diagram is a type of flowchart that delineates who does what in a process. this type of diagram is also known as a rummler-brache diagram or a cross-functional diagram (swimlanes are sometimes called functional bands). standard symbols used in all these types of diagrams, combined with the swimlanes, can provide an easy-to-read visual representation of responsibilities in a process. in the 1940s, a variation of early flow process charts called multi-column process charts began appearing. in 1990, geary rummler and alan brache published their book improving processes and highlighted swimlane diagrams. in computer engineering, the swimlane term also appears in jboss process definition language.

this history shows efforts to solve a continuing business problem of process clarity and accountability, leading to today’s well-established usages. sometimes, but not always, horizontal lanes are more practical given that desktop computer screens are wider than tall. process steps are spelled out within their respective lanes, and also shown are the interconnection of steps between lanes. in bpmn 2.0, pools/swimlanes are of one of four element types for business process diagrams. a different pool may be in a different company or department, but still involved in the process. to make a swimlane, simply draw a container before you begin drawing your process flow. label each column in the container with an individual or team that’s involved in the process.

swimlane diagrams or process flow diagrams are types of flowcharts that divide the steps of a process into ‘swimlanes’ or categories, hence its name. unlike a simple flowchart, a swimlane flowchart depicts who is in charge of each process step. a swimlane activity diagram details the coordination of tasks or activities in a process. in a deployment flowchart, the process steps are arranged in a logical sequence and distributed to the different departments that they cover. this is a great example: on the other hand, an opportunity flowchart groups the process steps into activities that produce value, and activities that don’t.

this means writing down the title or name of the process, the objectives behind it or why you are creating a diagram in the first place, the complete process steps, and its performers. they should be at the top of the page for a vertical swimlane or on the left side for a horizontal one. draw the correct shapes or symbols around them to ensure that each part in the process flow is conveyed properly. venngage’s swimlane diagram maker is an intuitive design tool that allows you to create a swimlane diagram for free, in just a few easy clicks. activity diagrams are a type of flowchart that shows the flow of activities in a system. in an activity diagram, swimlanes are used to illustrate which activities are carried out by a certain group or individual and describe the logical order of events.

based on the analogy of lanes in a pool, a swimlane diagram places process steps within the horizontal or vertical “swimlanes” of a particular department, work group or employee, thus ensuring clarity and accountability. a swimlane or cross-functional diagram uses swimlanes and other standard symbols to pinpoint who is accountable for what parts of a process. for a new process that is to be modeled, delineate the specific actions which would improve quality and efficiency. digital swimlane diagrams are undoubtedly superior to their handwritten counterparts, but their creation depends on a thorough research and careful selection of the best swimlane diagram software in advance.

clarity and consistency – to make your swimlane diagram easy to read, avoid using too many types of symbols, colors, or connectors. once the teams and categories are defined, the elements of the graphic (i.e., tasks and milestones) will be placed in their corresponding swimlane to declutter the diagram. if you need a reference point to jump-start the process of swimlane diagram creation, visit our swimlane templates page. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

swim lane diagrams are flowcharts that show a process from start to finish. instead of only documenting the steps in the process, this diagram style allows people to see their responsibilities within an organization efficiently. for instance, a corporation can model standard sales workflow processes by showing the internal process of handling a lead. a lead typically begins as the responsibility of the marketing department, where it is nurtured and marketing-qualified. by showing this process through a swim lane diagram, marketers know that qualifying the lead isn’t the end of their interactions with the customer. swim lane diagrams can provide human resources staff members with a detailed breakdown of employee responsibilities to help them with onboarding. swim lane diagrams can help clarify who must be involved in each stage of the audit process.

each stage of the process requires extensive communication between multiple parties, including the auditor, the it department, the senior management team, and the other stakeholders involved. given the amount of paperwork involved, keeping payments and processes organized can be challenging. swim lane diagrams can provide a clear overview of the stages in the process and make it clear who is responsible. once you have a good understanding of what you want to achieve, here are some steps you can follow to create your swim lane diagram: you can make swim lane diagrams by hand or in any graphic design program or use a program specifically designed for swim lane diagram making. a flowchart is a diagram designed to outline a process, system, or algorithm. a swim lane diagram is a specific type of flowchart that outlines who needs to do what in a given process. visualizing your processes using a swim lane diagram can clarify who is responsible for each process within an organization. give mindmanager a try today and start building swim lane diagrams with our easy-to-use templates.