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typically organized in rows and columns, tables allow for a detailed and systematic presentation of raw data and are great for providing precise values or information. table graphs usually consist of multiple rows and columns – the rows represent data entries or categories, while the columns indicate the type of data displayed in each cell. in flourish, each column can be sorted by, and you also have the option to add a search bar – a particularly useful functionality when working with large datasets. not only can you format individual cells and add mini bar and line charts, but you can also incorporate custom html and css to format your text or add images, symbols and even emojis! using a table versus any other data visualization depends on the nature of your data and the insights you want to convey.

if the focus is on the exact numerical values and the ability to reference specific data points accurately, tables usually offer most clarity and precision. the table template is one of the easiest flourish templates to get started with – simply upload an excel or a csv file to the template’s data tab and see your data come to life! after uploading your data, you can choose to display numerical columns as mini line or bar charts in the visualization editor. this template also supports auto-setting of columns in the data tab – an exciting feature that interprets the dataset you upload, works out the data type each column includes (this could be text, numbers or dates) and automatically binds columns under the most appropriate settings. here are some table graph examples of what our users have created with our flourish template.

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