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however, there is a myth that going to school disqualifies you from participating in the unemployment program. that’s not true, but the new york state department of labor (dol) requires that all claimants meet the same eligibility requirements. there is no specific provision in the new york state unemployment compensation that specifically bars students from collecting unemployment benefits. due to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, new york is extending the period covered by unemployment benefits by 13 weeks, for a total of 39 weeks. new york is also waiving the seven-day waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits for individuals who are out of work due to covid-19 closures or quarantines.

covered wages are those that you earned from work insured by new york unemployment insurance. while most work performed under a traditional employee/employer relationship is covered, if you worked in any capacity for the school you were also attending as a student, it’s not. new york unemployment claimants must be available to search and take on work if offered a job. the dol reviews each claim individually to determine if your classes would interfere with your availability to search for work or take on work. new york unemployment compensation law allows claimants who are receiving approved training to skip the job search and receive extra benefit weeks in some case. if you note on your initial claim application that you are a student and the dol will contact you to go over the requirements.

the 599 training program is a provision in the unemployment insurance (ui) law that makes it possible for ui what is the 599 training program? the 599 training program is a provision in the unemployment. insurance unemployment insurance. file your first claim for benefits for self employed, contractors & farmers for teachers, .

as businesses have been ordered to close, there’s been an explosion of filings for unemployment, but the intent of section 599 of the new york state unemployment insurance law is to return the unemployed worker to the many new yorkers who find themselves unemployed go back to school to further their chances of,

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