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he  understood how physical vibrations of the body could be used as a medicine to treat the human condition. in view of this, i hope that i shall be excused for the delay, which i must regret, in acknowledging the receipt, and also for addressing this general communication in answer to all inquiries. some journals have confounded the physiological effects of electrical oscillations with those of mechanical vibrations, this being probably due to the circumstance that a few years ago i brought to the attention of the scientific men some novel methods and apparatus for the production of electrical oscillations which, i learn, are now largely used in some modification or other in electro-therapeutic treatment and otherwise.

they have a strong influence upon the liver, causing it to discharge freely, similarly to an application of a catharic. the excessive tiring of the body is generally accompanied by nervous relaxation, but there seems to be besides a specific action on the nerves. they can be placed upon the human body and then resonated which in turn will vibrate the body and electrify it at the same time.

the .gov means it’s official. the site is secure. introduction: nikola tesla (1856- 1943) was a genius inventor and scientist, whose contribution to medicine is remarkable. this paper deals with the use of tesla currents in medicine. tesla currents in medicine.

in 1891, tesla passed currents through his own body and was the first to experience their beneficial effects. in 1896, he used high frequency currents and designed an ozone generator for producing ozone, with powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. tesla is famous for his extensive experiments with mechanical vibrations and resonance, examining their effects on the organ ism and pioneering their use for medical purposes. it is less known that tesla’s inventions (tesla coil and wireless remote control) are widely used in modern medical equipment. conclusion: nikola tesla was the last renais- sance figure of the modern era.

nikola tesla was a master of resonance – the vibrational properties of the solid, liquid and gaseous substance of matter. he understood how physical what is vibration therapy? | soundproof cow. vibration therapy uses vibrations created from sound to treat pain, muscle stiffness and other conditions, as well tesla currents in medicine. tesla’s greatest impact on medicine is his invention of a transformer (tesla coil) for producing high frequency and high voltage, tesla was right, tesla was right, tesla’s cure rediscovered, 528 hz tesla, tesla med beds.

“…in the worst shape, suffering from a variety of distressing and dangerous ailments.” thus, on this particular afternoon, tesla suggested that sanza utilizes electromagnetic energy for developing therapeutic pemf devices that are designed to address the body’s cellular energy demands and boost video nikola tesla’s vibrational healing device: sound & vibrational medicine. thread starter whoosh; start date, tesla frequency theory, who owns tesla biohealing.

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