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you create and update calendar-based gantt charts directly in powerpoint. ever tried to import a gantt chart from microsoft visio or project into powerpoint? you create and update calendar-based gantt charts directly in powerpoint. your derived data will always be correct and labels or arrows will never overlap. a mekko (also known as marimekko) is the perfect chart for this job.

are you still struggling with the right positioning of basic shapes or trying to combine weird smartart objects that never align correctly and fall apart after a few interactions? with think-cell’s data links, every chart in your presentation can be linked to excel and updated either manually or automatically. have you recently seen a chart on a web site or in a pdf report that you would have liked to use in your presentation? a gantt chart — sometimes also called a project plan or a timeline chart — visualizes the start and end time of a list of activities and events on a timeline. gantt charts are very useful when it comes to scheduling a project and controlling its progress. this add-in allows users to automatically create gantt charts in minutes from within their powerpoint environment and insert them directly onto their presentation slides.

think cell gantt chart format

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of course, in order to get the best results, you need a top-of-the-class gantt chart tool. another great feature that a gantt chart offers is the fact that you can track the progress of the project in real time. however, if your gantt chart is a part of a project management system and is drawing information from other parts of the platform, the entire process can be automated. backlog is a project management tool that also offers a gantt chart feature.

you can also plan the structure of your projects in great detail, including lead and lag times for dependencies. it allows you to style your charts the way you want them and even lets you invite collaborators to view or edit the chart in powerpoint. the tool is very easy to use and allows easy timeline changes. if form and function are just as important to you, teamgantt gives you a gantt chart tool that’s as beautiful as it is useful. with the features and tools think-cell offers, you can save up to 70% of your working time.