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on this page, you will see both the manual and the automatic way to make a timeline in powerpoint. to customize the overall look of your timeline, you can change the smartart styles and color palettes from the smartart design tab on the ribbon. in the steps below, we will show you how to quickly build, customize and update your graphic using office timeline, a lightweight powerpoint timeline maker add-in that automates the whole process. in the choose a smartart graphic dialog that opens, select process on the left, and insert one of the suggested timeline graphics in the list (circle accent timeline or basic timeline), then customize it to your liking.

our suggestion is office timeline, a tool that automates the timeline creation process, and can save you a lot of time and effort. or you can save your excel timeline as an image (right-click on the image and select save as picture…), and then insert it in your powerpoint slide (insert > pictures > insert picture from > this device…). you might find that the most convenient way to include a timeline in a presentation is to create it directly in powerpoint, so that it can be easily integrated in your powerpoint presentation. the best way to present a timeline in powerpoint is making sure your timeline is as clear and comprehensive as possible. swimlane diagram example that provides a crisp, well-structured illustration of the tasks and milestones of your marketing campaign, according to the phase of the campaign to which they belong.

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don’t waste any time—start your next project plan or production roadmap with a timeline template. timelines are a great way to visually organize your thoughts, plotting each step that you plan to execute. making planners and trackers into timelines is a snap when working with templates. you can also use timeline templates to show how far a project has come along, every milestone accounted for. small businesses can find timelines helpful for pitching new business during presentations as well as planning new products. and adding a timeline to a wedding save the date or an invitation is a great way to let guests know everything they can look forward to during your celebration. timelines aren’t just for project planning. resumes are themselves a kind of timeline, and there are some fantastic graphic resume layouts that incorporate easy-to-read timelines that make your work history stand out.

download creative timeline templates and powerpoint timeline designs along with illustrations for delivering magnetizing powerpoint presentations. make awesome slides for project planning presentations using our ready-made timeline slide designs and roadmap powerpoint templates. our timeline templates are 100% editable, compatible with powerpoint and google slides, and adaptable to every presentation style. a timeline template is an essential tool for project managers and executives involved in planning. the purpose of a timeline is to display, in a summarized snapshot, this information. timelines are used in different ways and contexts. for example, within corporate environments, your timeline powerpoint template may require to be aligned with your company branding. in less strict or formal contexts, the timeline template might be more eye candy or playful.

finally, for general contexts presentations or neutral audiences, we created timeline template powerpoint with several drill down and up options according to time, so you will find yearly timelines, monthly timelines, weekly timelines and even hour by hour plans. they are initially created with a timeline template during the planning stage of a project and they will evolve during time. in order to provide the correct visibility, the timeline needs to show the current state, the future milestones and dates and finally the change log. in this way the audience is not only conscious about the current and probable future state, but also can map the project to its initial believes and changes. they are able to present tasks, resources, duration, status, achievement and other several attributes of their plan. for this kind of timeline slides, slidemodel provides professional gantt charts and data driven designs which are easy to edit through powerpoint or excel. in this way, the presenter can describe its speech through story telling , mapping events to timeline milestones. there are many ways to create a timeline template, we recommend you to read our essential guide on how to make a timeline template in powerpoint and google slides.

effectively visualize your next project plan with the help of our professional, crisp powerpoint timeline template that you can download and use for free. it enables you to import all of your existing project data and create a timeline slide in powerpoint automatically. automatically – by installing the free powerpoint timeline maker add-in called office timeline, choosing one of its timeline templates and customizing it to fit your needs.

you can create a timeline from excel to powerpoint using the free timeline maker add-in from office timeline. the easiest way in which you can make a timeline slide in powerpoint is to use one of the platform’s in-built timeline templates. use the office timeline powerpoint add-in to quickly update any of these timeline templates or create your own project visuals.

use slideuplift’s timeline powerpoint template collection to create visually appealing timelines in your presentations. these powerpoint (ppt) timeline templates have pre-designed elements, and you don’t have to spend time formatting them; thereby easing your job as a presenter. whichever type of timeline powerpoint template you are searching for, slideuplift has you covered! a timeline powerpoint (ppt) template is a set of slides created to showcase chronological events, roadmaps, milestones, or project timelines. these microsoft powerpoint timeline templates include various graphical elements such as horizontal or vertical timelines, milestones, labels, markers, and connectors. a timeline powerpoint (ppt) template is a pre-designed slide that visually represents chronological events or milestones.

a powerpoint timeline slide includes a horizontal or vertical line representing time, with markers indicating significant dates or milestones. using a timeline presentation template offers several advantages. timeline templates in powerpoint (ppt) & google slides also ensure consistency and professionalism throughout the presentation, as they offer a unified look and feel across all the slides. presenters across industries can benefit from our paid as well as free powerpoint timeline templates and google slides themes. if you want to save time, you can opt for a pre-designed free timeline powerpoint (ppt) template from slideuplift! whether it’s a google slides timeline template or a powerpoint timeline template, information is presented chronologically, showcasing the progression of events, milestones, or project timelines.