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if you want to accomplish a set of tasks within a given timeframe, the best way to orchestrate and track them is with the help of a gantt chart. therefore, we offer here a free downloadable gantt chart template which can be easily edited and updated so you can schedule any type of tasks for a successful outcome. once this information is ready, you can start building the gantt chart using free tools like our office timeline gantt chart template above. including a timeline with editable milestones in addition to the classic task display, the free gantt template allows you to also present your key project events visually. although traditional gantt charts were created to illustrate detailed project schedules and dependencies, clients and executives want something lighter and more user-friendly. successfully managing a project requires consistent project communication across all stakeholders, and this free gantt chart sample, along with our other gantt chart templates, was designed for this requirement.

preparing the slide with your project schedule can now be done in powerpoint by manually editing this free gantt chart template’s placeholders. you can also use the free office timeline gantt chart maker for powerpoint to automatically add your timeline and quickly update the slide whenever your project schedules change. thus, any office timeline gantt chart makes it simple to keep clients and executives informed with the most current project status. use the office timeline powerpoint add-in to quickly customize any of the gantt chart templates above or create your own. easily change the texts, colors and shapes of your gantt chart and update dates instantly by drag & drop, all within powerpoint. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

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a gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart used to illustrate the timeline of a project and its tasks. while you can use a timeline view for a variety of projects and programs, it’s helpful to understand what these charts are commonly used for and why: build and manage complex projects: the bigger the project, the more tasks there are to manage. you can use these charts to determine which tasks you need to complete for the entire project to be successful and finish on time—hence, the critical path. think of this chart as a way to represent your project over a timeline—your timeline needs a beginning and end point.

to keep the project running smoothly, and every team on the same page, you can visualize dependencies between tasks in your gantt chart. to better understand if this type of project chart is right for you and your project vs. a timeline, here are a few considerations before you leap into creating one. difficult to manage the project in the same place you planned it: traditional gantt charts are most useful in the planning phase of a project. depending on the type of work you’re managing, a calendar or a kanban board could work as a more lightweight and quicker to set up alternative to visualizing your project plan in a timeline. it allows you to show how all the pieces of your project fit together, share it with your team, and adapt your plan as work progresses to keep everything on track.

but we’re not here to talk about reptiles… the main difference between a timeline and a gantt chart is that a timeline contains events visualized on a single line while a gantt chart is a 2-dimensional chart of a sequence of tasks and their dependencies. in this gantt vs timeline comparison article, we’ll cover what a gantt chart and timeline are and why you need them. a gantt chart is an upgraded version of a project timeline and project calendar. a modern gantt chart simplifies this by automatically rescheduling your tasks when you make adjustments to your project schedule. similarly, in project management, your entire team must have a clear view of the project task dependencies to prevent a w̶a̶r̶d̶r̶o̶b̶e̶ project malfunction. a timeline is a simple visual chart that lets you display your project events in chronological order. a project timeline contains a task list of all the upcoming tasks and important events.

this way, your project team can get ready for what’s about to come. use it for a detailed breakdown of how your project is progressing and whether you need to reschedule things. a calendar offers you a minimalistic overview of your project tasks scheduled over various dates. a project timeline and calendar bring something to the table too. the project timeline is a great option when you want to create a detailed product roadmap for your software development projects. i mean, why go through all the trouble and waste time building and updating a timeline when a project management tool can do that for you automatically?! use a project calendar when you need a very simple overview of your scheduled project tasks and deadlines (and nothing else). all you need to do is click on the calendar view, and all your important task dates and deadlines are automatically mapped.