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a graphic chart is a type of diagram, timeline or table that is used to illustrate large amounts of data in a way that is easy to understand and remember. this type of detailed output is suitable for project teams; however, it is difficult to present to audiences who need a high-level timeline that is visual and intuitive. you can also instantly change any dates, objects, shapes and styles with a few clicks from the office timeline ribbon inside powerpoint.

editing a customizable timeline template is one of the most common and easiest options to go about it because it helps you start from an already-made structure. get a detailed demonstration of the full process from start to finish with our clear tutorial on how to make a timeline in excel. a simpler, more time-efficient alternative would be for you to use the 14-day free trial of the office timeline add-in for powerpoint and quickly turn any of our pre-built timeline templates into professionally looking, presentation-ready timelines with just a few clicks. easily change the texts, dates, colors, shapes and styles of your timeline, right from inside powerpoint.

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the definition of a timeline is a chart or graph that visually depicts a series of events that happen over a period of time. timelines have the ability to give the viewer a quick yet refreshingly holistic view on a sequence of past or future events. when showing time on a specific scale on an axis, timelines can be used to visualize the lapses in time between events, the duration of events, and also the simultaneity and overlap of events. aptly showing a “line” representing a period of “time” from 6000 bce to 0 bce. we see a lengthy 2000 year period between the invention of the boat and the eventual addition of sails. they boil down to 3 main categories; standard timeline chart, gantt chart and time series graph. it will feature variously sized bars spread across a timeline, each bar representing the start date, duration and end date of an activity.

here is an example of a gantt chart in the form of a housing refurbishment schedule. you can see from this example that the total planned time to remodel clouds vale apartments would be approximately 4 months. these are classically found in history classrooms and museums but actually have a wind range of uses. here is the timeline of the short but beautiful life of a monarch butterfly. when the values are connected in chronological order by a line, it creates a series of peaks and troughs. a time series chart can be thought of as a series of snapshots that have been taken at regular intervals. using the smoothing function for the line creates a clearer sense of rise and fall when dealing with averages. its ability to summarize the human story into moments of achievement, failure and abstention is clear and powerful.

alternatively, you can make a timeline to illustrate your project data with the help of various office tools such as microsoft excel or powerpoint. a timeline is a specific type of project chart that focuses on the chronological order of tasks and milestones, and the time frame for each activity. during this stage, the feasibility of the project is also assessed, and a business case or project charter is developed. a project proposal timeline is a document that outlines the estimated timeframe for completing the tasks and activities proposed in a project.

monitor and track progress – regularly track and update the project plan to ensure that the project is on track, and adjust the plan as necessary. to this end, you can use a professional project plan creator, such as the office timeline add-in for powerpoint. or, to make it really simple and fast, you can use a professional timeline and gantt chart creator, such as the office timeline add-in for powerpoint, that automates most of the work and helps you generate time charts in minutes. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

timeline charts are highly versatile visual charts that are used to illustrate a set of events chronologically. although there are several different types of timeline charts available to choose from, all timeline charts follow a similar structure. unlike most timelines, which you can easily follow from left to right, a vertical timeline starts at the bottom and ends at the top. a chronological timeline is an organized way of showing you when events happen as they relate to a specific time.

if you’ve never heard of timeline charts before, then you might be wondering when to use a timeline chart. using timeline charts for event planning allows you to create a visual schedule of your event. with a few clicks and some essential information, mindmanager generates a timeline chart that you can use to assign tasks, define the parameters of a project, or better understand a process. there is a wide range of timeline charts available to choose from to suit your needs.