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the term can be used to refer to things in the past or future, or that are purely conceptual. in project management, for example, a timeline depicts milestones, deadlines and other significant dates and events throughout the project’s lifecycle, clearly tying goals to specific dates. 1965 through 1969: the national physical laboratory in the united kingdom and defense advanced research projects agency in the united states begin developing early protocols for network communication. in the following months a small four node network is established. the term internet is first used to describe the combination, or interconnection, of these two networks.

may 5, 2000: the iloveyou worm is released by onel de guzman. it is estimated that upwards of 10% of the world’s computers are eventually infected by it. it leads the way for high-speed mobile internet access and begins the smartphone and mobile device revolution. this timeline presents a history of the concept of the metaverse, which is a version of the internet that enables people to socialize, play, shop and work in a 3d immersive virtual environment. nfvi (network functions virtualization infrastructure) encompasses all of the networking hardware and software needed to support … network orchestration is the use of a software-defined network controller that facilitates the creation of network and network … soar (security orchestration, automation and response) is a stack of compatible software programs that enables an organization to… communications security (comsec) is the prevention of unauthorized access to telecommunications traffic or to any written … a security operations center (soc) is a command center facility in which a team of information technology (it) professionals with… a value chain is a concept describing the full chain of a business’s activities in creating a product or service — from initial … consumer data is the information that organizations collect from individuals who use internet-connected platforms, including … conduct risk refers to the potential for a company’s actions or behavior to harm its customers, stakeholders or broader market … okrs (objectives and key results) encourage companies to set, communicate and monitor organizational goals and results in an … cognitive diversity is the inclusion of people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives … reference checking software is programming that automates the process of contacting and questioning the references of job … martech (marketing technology) refers to the integration of software tools, platforms, and applications designed to streamline … customer profiling is the detailed and systematic process of constructing a clear portrait of a company’s ideal customer by …

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beginners can create a timeline using nothing more than a google spreadsheet, like the one we used for the timeline above. timelinejs can pull in media from a variety of sources. twitter, flickr, youtube, vimeo, vine, dailymotion, google maps, wikipedia, soundcloud, document cloud and more! make your own in four easy steps. build a new google spreadsheet using our template. you’ll need to copy the template to your own google drive account by clicking the “make a copy” button. for more about working with our template, see making a timeline from a google spreadsheet don’t set your timeline google sheet to “anyone with the link can edit.” in the next window, click the green “publish” button. click ok. ignore the url that appears in the center of the window.

you must use the google sheets url from your browser’s address bar, not the one from the “publish to the web” popup. when creating a google map, style it the way you would like it to appear, and then paste the resulting link into your google spreadsheet. the zoom level at which the timeline portion of timelinejs will display on load. if you’re embedding on medium.com or other oembed-aware services, just paste this link on a line by itself where you want your timeline to appear. first, please be sure to look at our list of frequently asked questions below. if you’re brand new to timeline js, you may also want to watch our introductory video. please be clear with your question, include a link to your spreadsheet, and if appropriate, a link to a page which shows the issue with which you need help. we try to be prompt, but please understand that we do not have a dedicated tech support staff. be sure to include detailed instructions on how to reproduce the bug. if you’re not sure, please start with the tech support system.

a timeline can really help you out when you need to report “big picture” project information. click the timeline view, then click format > bar label. in project 2016, you can create a second timeline bar, to show multiple timelines, and then you can change the start and end dates for each timeline. click anywhere in the timeline, and then click format to see all your options for making the timeline look better. click the task you want to change in the timeline. if you’re using project 2016 as part of a project online subscription, you can click format > date format > task progress to toggle this off.

click anywhere on the timeline, click format > date format, and pick the format you want. you can add reflections, 3d effects, gradients, and more to your timeline. you can use the timeline as-is, or you can rearrange the tasks any way you want, add text, and even change their colors to make them stand out. click the task you want to change in the timeline. click anywhere on the timeline, click format > date format, and pick the format you want. this list is also where you go to get rid of dates on the timeline altogether.

select the process category within the window that pops up and pick the graphic type that you want to use for your word timeline. a better alternative would be for you to expand the graphic box, which will automatically make the texts larger too. you will be taken to a gallery where you can choose from a variety of styles and templates that you can use for your timeline. for instance, you can change the color, position and date format of any milestone or add new ones on the fly as your plans change, or you can insert tasks as well to create a gantt chart.

as an alternative to these basic-looking visuals, with rather limited functionalities, you can use any of the templates in our timeline templates library to create more refined timelines that can be easily customized, saved as images, and included in your word documents. here’s a preview of just a few of the templates that you can download and use for free: yes, you can make a basic timeline in word by using the smartart feature found under the insert tab. out of the various timelines that you could generate with just a few clicks and quickly include in your word presentation, here is an example: if you’re looking for other ways to make timelines, check out our series of detailed tutorials on how to make timelines with your usual office tools. office timeline offers a free 14-day trial of the tool’s premium edition, and it includes plenty of templates that you can use to speed up the process. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

it allows you to quickly visualize the sequence of events in a project or event, and clearly convey the timing to team members. you can also download a free microsoft word timeline template and we’ll show you how to customize it to meet your needs. you can organize and collaborate on project information in smartsheet, then integrate with office timeline to create beautiful, visual timelines. enter your own project information in the text boxes, change the colors, or even choose a different timeline layout. you can choose from dozens of timeline layouts and customize the colors to fit your project. once you’ve added your project information and dates, it’s easy to modify the timeline.

you can add a title, switch to a different timeline layout, and customize the color palette. click on the timeline layout you’d like to use. with robust communication and collaboration capabilities, smartsheet makes it easy to collect and organize information with your team and connect with office timeline to easily create a visual timeline. the smartsheet and office timeline integration allows you to easily create a customizable timeline and share the image with others as an image, .pdf, or powerpoint slide. note: you must have windows and powerpoint to use office timeline. empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.