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gantt excel ultimate is completely automated and is super easy to use. create gantt charts in microsoft excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 on windows and excel 2016 & 2019 on macos. for this reason, we created gantt excel, an automated excel template that allows you to create awesome gantt charts within excel. we have customized the excel ribbon to include a gantt menu with buttons to add gantt charts, tasks, milestones, etc. you can create cascading task dependencies in the gantt chart based on time so that you see how time changes will affect other parts of the process & the final deliverable.

the project dashboard is a free add-on in our gantt excel template. a project dashboard is the best way to easily communicate key project details.with a click of a button, a million calculations analyze your project plan and the project dashboard is instantly created based on the project timeline. there is no other gantt chart template or online tool that features this many calendar views.our hourly planner also includes a hourly view. immediately see any overdue tasks in your project schedule and save them from falling through the cracks. you can customize the project timeline colors as much as you want. create a project timeline to impress!

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the collection includes two types of standard gantt charts as well as an inventory gantt chart and a reservation gantt chart. with the charts in the ultimate gantt collection, project schedules can be tweaked and adjusted on the fly. the fourth tool is a gantt chart used to track inventory usage and costs. each project task is given a range of dates within which the task should be completed. the start date and end dates for a project determine the dates that are shown in the horizontal row. the second tool is an alternate version of the standard gantt chart.

when the number of days assigned to a task changes, the date range and the horizontal bar automatically change with it. the third tool is a gantt chart used to schedule reservations at various locations. this time range is easily adjusted by changes to the start time and time interval inputs. the fourth tool is a gantt chart used to track inventory usage and costs. the chart can be used to track who is currently in possession of items. it allows companies to see who is currently in possession of an item and for how long. through the use of these charts, project leaders will be able to improve their management of resources and build clearer schedules.

the best way to understand how this template with all its features works is taking a look at the documentation of the creation process. the original files make use of (inter alia) the switch function which is a more efficient alternative for nested if functions. for this reason, we have added the equivalent files with nested if functions in the folder called 02 – compatibility files (excel 2016 or older). the weekdays (monday, tuesday, etc.) in the timeline are based on a formula that makes use of the standard english symbol for day (d) to convert the date into a text using the pattern “ddd”. try changing the “ddd” in the formula into the letters that represent ‘day’ in your language. if you see a hash (#) symbol instead of the actual milestone symbols, that’s a sign that there is not enough space for the symbols to be displayed. an easy to solution to that is to select the whole gantt chart range and iteratively decrease the font size until the symbols become visible.

for this reason, we recommend to not manually enter start dates, end dates, or workdays for stage items but rather make use of the auto stage formulas to summarise the timespan of its sub-items. the download includes a text file with a detailed instruction on how to integrate new color palettes into your office applications. the name of that file is installation guide for custom color themes.txt. as this gantt chart is focused on workdays only, the scheduling functionality in the timeline and the planning formulas is solely based on the workday function, which allows you to pass a range of cells for holidays as an optional argument. we do not have the capacity to handle any sort of customization request. you are allowed to use and share the template within your work context. as long as you are involved in the use of the template, everything will be fine. in case you face a technical issue with the template that has not been covered in the documentation video or faqs, you can contact us at support@excelfind.com for further assistance. we do not have the capacity to answer customization requests for your individual use case.