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what it is: to begin the treatment, the spa therapist will use special light-sensitive photography to identify your particular aura. where to try it: the spa at regent palms turks & caicos, providenciales, turks and caicoswhat it is: zareeba, an african term meaning “protected enclosure,” is one of the spa’s unique signature journey treatments that have been specifically created for regent palms turks & caicos. where to try it: miraval resort & spa, tucson, azwhat it is: evolving from the healing principals of thai massage, the one-of-a-kind naga treatment allows your body to release any tension while balancing and harmonizing to provide deep relaxation.

where to try it: qua baths & spa at caesar’s palace, las vegas, nvwhat it is: relax in the luxury of the spa’s crystal room during this signature treatment, which includes a trained dream coach to help guide you to a deeper understanding of your dreams using traditional jungian archetypes and a variety of other counseling methods. where to try it: the keswick club spa, keswick hall at monticello, charlottesville, vawhat it is: this vineyard-inspired spa treatment allows your body to thoroughly reap the benefits of red wine grapes. what it is: sought out mainly for its ability to alleviate altitude sickness, the sonnenalp spa’s oxygen bar will also help with jet lag, sinus congestion and stress, as well as help boost energy and alertness. celebrated for its healing properties, the use of cactus on the body can help remove toxins and quench dehydrated skin to leave you feeling totally rejuvenated.

i have also had some unique spa treatments that gave me an insight into the history and culture of a spot. it was a lot of fun to be caked in sulfur-scented mud while viewing flamingos  and the colorful los coloradas. going on the spa circuit at piedra de agua is one of the most unique spa treatments we’ve encountered in the world. before you move on to the water portion of the treatment, you will rinse in a shower of alternating hot and cold water. you have to prepare your hair ahead of time, but the water and clay masks have a nice effect on your skin. the treatment ended with the application of oils, then a private massage in a separate small room. a trip to the thermae bath spa in bath, uk, is like soaking in an open-air museum. to cool down you can either swim in the plunge pool or take a cold bucket shower. you soak in a bathtub full of hot seawater and seaweed which has been steam-treated to release all of the wonderful minerals and elements.

after bathing, you have the option to get in your own personal steam bath – which is kind of a mixture between a coffin and a sauna and then top it off with a cold shower. the mud bath was certainly the most interesting part, and required us to sit in a bath of muddy water for at least 15 minutes. going to the jimjilbang is a weekly or monthly routine for many koreans, and it’s not uncommon for groups of women or men to go together and catch up on life or gossip. the rest is down to the knives which use a combination of trigger point stimulation and energy transference to balance you physically and mentally. i tried shirodhara in nepal, and it’s one of the most interesting spa treatments i’ve ever done. the riyuegu hot spring complex is one of the main attractions in fujian, a developed coastal region in southern china. the beach is strewn with the remains of whale oil barrels, silos, huts and even a wingless airplane. i long for the novel and this world is full of such beauty. i am an amazon affiliate, so the amazon links are some of these links.

with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of unique, weird and creative spa treatments so that you can get some r&r in ways you never 10 unique spa treatments worth trying ; 1 color & light wrap with aura imaging ; 2 zareeba ; 3 naga ; 4 the ancient art of tok sen ; 5 dream explore the most wonderful and unique spa treatments around the world to both relax and become fully submerged in the history and culture while travelling., unique spa treatments near illinois, unique spa treatments near illinois, unique spa treatments near alabama, unique spa treatments around world, unique spa experience near me.

the world’s wackiest and weird spa treatments 1. hot cupping in yangzhou, china 2. seaweed bath in ireland 3. hammam in morocco 4. turkish special treatment: the most unique spa experiences from across the globe ; blue-lagoon-iceland. image courtesy of blue lagoon ; the spicy 18 most luxurious and unique spa treatments from around the world 18. akasha holistic wellbeing center at the hotel café royal, london 17. spa, unique beauty treatments, alternative spa treatments.

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