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you can even add pictures to the org chart shapes. on the last page of the wizard, you can specify how much of your organization to display on each page. select the language you want to use on the chart wizard and then click next to continue. on the next page of the wizard, you can choose the fields from your data file that you want to add to organization chart shapes as shape data fields.

to reflect changes in the structure of an organization, you must update the org chart manually or generate a new chart. further nodes that you connect to first one can then be added in either of the following two ways: point at a node on the canvas until the  add button appears. customizations can be applied to a select set of org chart shapes or all the org chart shapes on the canvas. once added, in each shape double-click a field name to select it and start typing the value you want entered in that field.

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you can use many programs, including powerpoint, to build organization charts. visio builds the org chart for you, if you have your org’s personnel data on a spreadsheet such as an excel worksheet. this video shows how to generate an org chart, complete with photos automatically added and personnel information available at a click. your data source, such as excel worksheet, database or exchange directory. at minimum, this source should include each person’s name and who they report to, so visio can use it to build the chart’s structure. a file with photos, if you want the chart to include them. make sure that your spreadsheet includes the exact name of the photo file (for example, susansmith.jpg) so the photo is added to the right name on the chart. if you set your visio org chart to carry data from your spreadsheet, it can also be used as a dashboard to track performance, budget spending, and more. to learn more about this, see enhance your data with data graphics.

a hierarchy org chart is the most common type of organization chart. a line org chart is one of the simplest organizational structures. a well-made org chart can help explain the adjustments that are being made to team structure and resourcing, ensuring everyone is on the same page about what is changing and why.

microsoft visio is a great resource for people who want to formally document the people that make up their family tree. the shapes you choose for your org chart can display basic information, such as a person’s name and title, or can include more detail, such as their contact information. the organization chart template in both visio for the web and visio in microsoft 365 is a great starting place. access visio with microsoft 365 on your desktop or extend your experience to your browser, where you can view, create, and edit org charts and other diagrams stored in the cloud.

the org chart is derived from data in an excel workbook. you’ll replace the sample data with data about the people you want to include in your organizational chart. an advantage of this process is that when changes occur, you simply update the employee data in the excel workbook and then click a button to entirely refresh the visio diagram. in the office add-ins window, select the store tab, search for data visualizer, and then select add next to microsoft visio data visualizer. fill in the employee id, name, manager id, title, and role type for each person you want to include in the organization chart. after you’ve finished modifying the data table, select refresh in the diagram area to update the appearance of the chart. after you make the corrections in the table, select retry in the data checker to confirm the flaw is corrected.

see the reference information below to learn more about each column and how it applies and affects the diagram. this column is required, and each value in the excel table must be unique and not blank. this text appears in the diagram shapes below the employee’s name. to create the structure of the organization chart, use this column to identify the manager of each employee. organization charts in the add-in come with different role types for you to choose from. the role you select determines the color of the shape in the diagram. if you have a subscription to visio,you can edit the diagram in certain ways in visio for the web—change the theme, modify the layout, or add and format text.

earlier, we released org chart stencils and diagram samples in visio for the web. the following features are available to all visio in microsoft 365, visio plan 1, and visio plan 2 users to help enable a faster creation experience in visio for the web: visio plan 1 and visio plan 2 subscribers can access a menu of new formatting options from the new format org chart task pane. visio plan 1 and visio plan 2 subscribers can easily change the style of the shapes in their org chart with a single click using the node style options available in the task pane. to change the node style in a diagram, select the node or multiple nodes, then select the desired node style from the list of node style options available in the task pane. visio plan 1 and visio plan 2 subscribers can further personalize their org charts by inserting photos of their employees into each shape in their diagram.

an image of an org chart in visio for the web highlighting the new upload photos button in the format org chart task pane. all visio for the web users can now add a ‘child node’ to any existing node in their org chart with a single click. and finally, all visio for the web users can add child nodes to their org charts by dragging a preferred node from the shapes pane and hovering it over any existing node on the canvas. we look forward to hearing your feedback and learning more about how we can provide a more optimal experience for creating org charts in visio for the web. check out what features are in development or coming soon on the microsoft 365 roadmap or view the roadmap item, enhanced organizational charts experience in visio for the web [visio plan 1, plan 2]. otherwise, register and sign in.