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now another show of hands: who enjoys having to do the chores that’ll keep your home clean? even though we all love when our home is tidy, having to actually do the work to get there (read: household chores) is a whole different story. once you break down the tasks into daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal lists, you’ll see how little time it actually takes to keep your house clean. (for the particularly tough cleaning projects, don’t forget that you can always hire a house cleaning service to help you out.) daily household chores help you stay on top of clutter and make your home guest-ready at any time. one of the best ways to tackle weekly chores is to assign each chore a day of the week.

if you know a particular day of the week is typically a busy one, assign a smaller chore for that day. you can assign them to weeks — for example, clean your furniture the first week of the month. spring is historically a time to clean all the winter dust and soot from a home. though the purpose now is different, your house and your sanity still depend on a good seasonal cleaning and decluttering. just remember to keep kids’ chores age appropriate, and for bigger projects you can always hire a house cleaning service. care.com does not employ any caregiver and is not responsible for the conduct of any user of our site.

weekly chore schedule format

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after the link to the printable, keep reading for a thorough explanation of how the system works and tips for how you can modify it to work for you and your home. it is awesome and worth every ounce of frustration i felt in the beginning. this is also the day to put away all the laundry that seems to linger in the area i have set aside for folding. also, enter the home as though you are a guest and make sure the entryway is clean. remember, though, this post is on spring cleaning in the kitchen; a weekly clean up doesn’t need to be that thorough. look at the calendar and get a sense of what’s coming this week.

i just found your site, and i can already tell that i’ll be spending more time here in the future. i am printing this list off and hanging in my house so that i can have it all the time to remind me! i am using your tips and biting off a little at a time so i can be back to square one. i came across this post at just the right time and can’t wait to give it a shot and get back on top of things. this is the perfect way for him to contribute to our household and gain some independence! as a stay-at-home wife, i love to do my job well and your suggestions are helping me do that! i for the life of me and my family cannot get through the working week without seeing the entire, or what feels like, house contents on and around the kitchen bench.

apryl duncan is an expert writer for the spruce, covering lifestyle, parties, and cleaning. a cleaning schedule that’s easy to remember and follow is a necessity to prevent clutter but it can also help you simplify your day and keep you from feeling overwhelmed with a dirty home. it’ll help you get your cleaning on track, letting you do a little each day instead of cleaning everything all at once. between the dog’s muddy paws and the kids eating crackers as they ran through the house, there’s no better place to begin your weekly cleaning schedule than with your vacuum and mop. grab your gloves and the scrub brush. it might not be your favorite day of the week, but now you’ll have the rest of the week and the weekend to enjoy your clean bathrooms. do it every week, so you don’t end up with a daunting pile of stuff. reduce the clutter. whether it’s kids’ school clothes or your work clothes, now is the time to get everything clean and folded or hung up.

set a timer for just 20 minutes, and clean the areas that need it most. enlist the help of anyone who lives with you, so you get more done in less time. your weekly cleaning schedule restarts tomorrow, so enjoy your day off. these tasks don’t all have to be done on a single day. spread them out during the week so that you may just have a nearly chore-free day to relax. these deeper cleaning tasks make daily upkeep easier, help home furnishings look better, and prevent expensive repairs around the house. a typical weekly cleaning, including wiping down the counters, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and laundry, will take approximately three to five hours for a three-bedroom house. you will spend around 30 to 50 minutes daily if you split the cleaning chores up six days a week. that means first they dust everything from high (ceilings and walls) to low areas, such as furniture.

and when we say fun, we mean like in the traditional way. they get a thrill from organizing. the satisfaction of having streak-free stainless steel appliances and completely transparent windows is enough to get them through the week. we’re talking to you guys, those who don’t find the cleaning to be enjoyable. but if you have a list and stick to it, no matter what you’re doing, things tend to get done. so we’re gifting you this massive cleaning guide and checklist in hope that you will embrace it, and maybe even find the joy in cleaning. but you’ll at least be able to bask in the freshness of your home once you’ve begrudgingly completed all (or most) of these tasks.

here is our ultimate household chores list, divided up by weekly, monthly and seasonal chores—and further split up by room, for your cleaning pleasure. you received ten million gold stars on your chore tracker calendar if you get through the entire thing. omg, you made it. if you’re keeping to this schedule, your home is immaculate. a comprehensive and approachable checklist for fall cleaning your home, inside and out–plus helpful hints and product recommendations. a room-by-room spring cleaning checklist that will have your home spotless. a comprehensive step-by-step checklist for all of your kitchen cleaning chores—plus helpful tips, a downloadable checklist, and product recommendations. a simple guide to doing the dishes, whether you’re washing by hand or using a dishwasher—plus a video tutorial, tips, and product recommendations.

a weekly chore chart is a very useful aide to ensure an organized house. the kids weekly chore chart contains two tables to write chore. each column denotes each day and an extra column is used to write the daily chores. a weekly chore chart template word helps you to keep track of the assignments to be completed everyday.

the weekly chore chart is a simple and well spaced chart that provides ample space to write the chores in each of boxes denoting each day. the blank weekly chore chart is weekly chart that uses a table. the household weekly chore chart in pdf is a simple but intuitive chart that can be used for a week. this house cleaning weekly chart has listed the number of chores to be completed while cleaning the house. the customizable weekly chore chart is a colorful sample chart that will appeal to the kids.