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create a weekly calendar printout if you want a hard copy, or save the template file to your desktop or mobile device and share it with a work team or family members. if you need a weekly planner that you can use for home or office planning, this template provides a clean slate for organizing each day of the week. use this template to track the status of each task along with due dates. you can print multiple weeks and add the pages to a binder to create a paper calendar, or save the template on your desktop for electronic use.

use this template for personal or professional planning and track your weekly to-do’s. this template allows you to plan multiple weeks or months in advance, and includes a separate section for notes. this annual calendar provides a broad overview of weeks, months, and the entire year. team members can use this template to plan for weekly assignments, track daily progress, and schedule due dates. this template can also be used to track work assignments and tasks, while freelancers with multiple clients may use it to monitor the progress of assignments.

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if you don’t plan your week you will be less productive, miss deadlines, and focus on the things that are not meaningful to you. the following weekly planner has a self-care section to ensure that you don’t neglect self-care despite your productivity. the weekly plan lists the critical strategic tasks that you need to complete in order for you to achieve your goals. you can type your weekly schedule with our calendar maker or just print a blank weekly schedule template and fill in your schedule after you print. if you want to update your schedule each week and not print a new template each time then you can laminate the weekly schedule template and it will last forever. if you want to add a checklist widget to your planner template, then this is the section you will use.

it forces you to start thinking about what you have and what you should appreciate instead of the reason you are stressed. schedule all of the things you want to do that day. you might want to include a monthly calendar on your weekly calendar template. if you add a mood tracker to your planner then you can track your mood over the entire week and find patterns. if not, devote a few minutes to think about how it made it to your list and what you can do in the future to be more focused. print a weekly planner for the next few weeks and add your tasks to future weeks to ensure that you don’t forget to do them.