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you can also change the color or style of the smartart graphic. while it is selected on your slide, click the smartart design tab on the ribbon, and then click change colors or open the smartart styles gallery to see options you can choose from. you can also change the color or style of the smartart graphic. while it is selected on your slide, click the smartart design tab on the ribbon, and then click change colors or open the smartart styles gallery to see options you can choose from. from the drop-down menu, in the process section, select a process flow chart such as accent process or basic bending process. after the flow chart is added to the slide, a text editor appears at the left edge of the chart. type your chart text in the editor. as you type, the text appears in the graphic: tip: to quickly change the colors of the shapes in your flow chart, click change colors on the smartart tab of the ribbon.

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lucidchart allows you to create beautiful, complex diagrams easily and quickly. in ms powerpoint, navigate to the slide where you want to add a flowchart. using the shape library to create a flowchart is substantially slower than using smartart because every box and arrow must be added individually. once you’ve selected a shape, click and drag your mouse to draw it on the slide. go to insert > text box and then click and drag your mouse to draw the text box; type to add text.

and thanks to lucidchart’s powerpoint integration, you can bring your lucidchart diagrams directly into your presentations! by default, the flowchart shape library is pinned to the shape menu—drag and drop shapes onto your canvas to start your flowchart. you can still change the style to your liking! to insert a diagram, hover your mouse over the diagram you wish to add and click “select.” this will add the diagram to the current slide. if you’re struggling to make a flowchart in any ms office programs, lucidchart can help!

create a flow chart in powerpoint 2013 to illustrate sequential steps in a process, and choose from a variety of layouts and options. click insert > shapes, and point to a shape for a screen tip to see its intended purpose. for more about shape types, see the link to the right under see also: click insert > shapes and build the chart using shapes from the gallery.

to insert a shape, click it, and drag the crosshairs to draw it. to build the chart using shapes from the gallery, specifically use the flowchart group for the shapes and the lines group for the connectors between shapes. the diamond is a decision shape, used to show a decision point in the process, and the elongated oval is a terminator shape, which is used to start and end the process. using styles on the format tab, style the connector just like other shapes, using shape outline, for example, to change the line style.

we’ll go from the different options you have, from creating one from scratch on your own to using powerpoint’s smartart tool. so keep reading to learn how to create the perfect flowchart for your powerpoint presentation! to create a flowchart in powerpoint, you have 2 main options: either you create from scratch by using shapes and arrows, or you can use the smartart tool. the smartart tool allows you to insert a pre-made flowchart into your slides and customize it. you can type it in by clicking on the text you want to replace or use the text pane option to write it in a bullet list format. you can use the anchor points to adjust the size of the flowchart overall or select specific shapes to edit them individually. the other option for creating a flowchart in powerpoint is using shapes and arrows to build it from scratch.

this will give you a dropdown menu where you can see all the different shapes you can use for your flowchart. the best thing about creating a flowchart from scratch is that you can mix and match different shapes according to your needs. -step #5: add the connecting arrows or lines to your flowchart. drag it all the way to another shape, and you’ll get new anchor points to where your arrow will end. you can even add icons to make your flowchart more visually appealing. then, go to your presentation and left-click on it. once you’ve got the overall structure of your flowchart, it’s very easy to edit it. here are some useful tips to help you customize your powerpoint flowchart: however, if all this seems like too much work, why don’t let professionals do it?