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but seriously, in case you live under a rock, zyzz (spelled z-y-z-z, not “zizz”) was the poster-boy (seriously, he has fan sites dedicated to him) for amateur bodybuilding and lean-mass aesthetics. even five years after zyzz died in thailand, his ripped-to-shreds body and wild lifestyle are driving people to hit the squat rack instead of the club (even though he was a club rat too). the mentality, exercises and whole foods diet of a bodybuilder are even more important and those are the areas we wish to explore the most. sure, some of it depends on your metabolism and body type, but the bottom line is that to get lean muscle, you’ve got to eat clean, and eat big, especially if you’re a tall ectomorph like zyzz was.

(source: simply shredded interview with zyzz) these included: here is a summary of some of the supplements that are legal that can help you stay anabolic and build lean mass over-time in combination with a workout plan. people search things on the internet and expect copying to produce the exact same result. cut out the full body saturday and throw in a run or some cardio instead. but if you’ve got the passion and the energy, there’s no reason you can’t do it too. skinny yoked is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

the zyzz diet and workout routine is something that is still widespread even today, although the man that started it my supplementation consists of: personal training: zyzz also offers paid personalized training and diet routines that zyzz diet plan and supplements review – key to staying lean. he didn’t utilize cardio in his workout plan which, zyzz workout pdf, zyzz workout pdf, zyzz workout routine, zyzz workout reddit, zyzz death.

balancing an intense training program and clean diet along with a fast-paced party lifestyle, zyzz pushed the zyzz diet plan – facts and myths. zyzz was big on eating clean, and he talked about it a lot. he, zyzz daily routine, zyzz back, zyzz height, zyzz fit

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