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make sure everything gets trained enough, no muscle is ignored, and everything has sufficient recovery/growth time. after that, it’s just about fitting it in your schedule. really like it, and will be going back on it starting monday. if you’ve got the energy and ambition then it’s a really solid program. it doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re doing it, but on the last set of the day, i definitely feel like i’ve worked harder. honestly it really does not matter what you do as long as you do it and try hard. prolly but i like zyzz so i do his split , albeit a bit modified to meet my needs. people that haven’t lifted a weight in their lives spend weeks looking up the perfect/optimal routine before they start.

as long as you go to the gym, stay for about an hour, and train with intensity you’ll get results. same here, i have been doing it for a week, and i’m feeling good about it because my doms have come back hard. fittit does this weird bipolar thing where we either shit on ss and tell people to do typical higher volume bro splits, or we tell the summer beach squad to do squats and deads. i just watched one of his videos and his personality came off as obnoxious, even if his intentions were good. the fact that he’s become a martyr after dying from a combination of steroid usage and a heart defect doesn’t sit well with me, either. just dont expect to look like zyzz after a couple weeks, months, or ever (for genetic and drug reasons). for me contributing anything to genetics is setting myself up for failure. i like to believe that anyone who gives a shit and works hard for it will undergo zyzz like transformations into there own unique refined forms… what you’ll probably find is that you’ll be able to handle it for awhile, but as you start going heavier and heavier, you’re going to have serious problems recovering fast enough on this program as a natty.

post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. anyone but keep in mind, doing a celebrities routine will not make you look like them. also, zyzz was enhanced. he used steroids it seems like a fairly straight forward routine, minus the full body exercise at the end of the week. i accidently a zyzz., .

here’s the split you fucking faggots, and all of these workouts should be super intense, and completed within the course routine: for the first six months, i did reddit’s bodyweight fitness routine. then i got a gym in the naturalbodybuilding community. a place for for those who believe that proper diet and intense training …,

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