20 generation family tree template

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20 generation family tree format

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20 generation family tree guide

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it’s hard to imagine how many ancestors we might have in our tree going back several generations because we typically only think about our parents and grandparents. if you were going to have a party and it would be possible to have all of your ancestors in 20 generations attend, how big of a venue would you need? the total number of ancestors in 20 generations of your tree is 2,097,150. in other words, you have more than two million spots in your family tree to fill up going back that many generations. for those of us that like to learn about who our ancestors were and add this information to our family trees, it means that if we were to actually able to learn who our ancestors were going back on all lines of every branch of our tree, we would have more than two million individual places in our family tree. for the average person, 20 generations of ancestors will take us back about 500 years. for example, you will find that six generations back in our tree we have 64 great-great-great-great grandparents. regardless of the exact number of years per generation, we would still find that twenty generations takes us back between 400-600 years in almost all families.

i was checking out some of the oldest lines of my own family tree and i have one line of my tree that has been researched pretty thoroughly back 12 generations to my 10th great-grandmother persis, born around 1626 in massachusetts. if you are wondering how it is possible to have so many ancestors, you are asking the right questions. however, when we think about how many ancestors we actually have, especially going back 400-600 in time in our family history, the answer tends to be less straight-forward. it’s because, at the end of the day, we are all related to each other in some way. some of us are very distantly related, and others of us are more closely related. no matter the exact number of ancestors, we have a lot of them going back twenty generations. i hope this post has helped you understand more about the impressive number of people that are in our family tree as ancestors going back twenty generations.