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(not on the sample sheet — which gives you sample data that is extremely helpful for learning how to use your new tool, but is the wrong place to do your real work) in ways where your personalizations will be automatically found and transferred to your new upgraded master template every time that you upgrade — so that over the years… your templates become more and more… yours. (making more efficient use of space) and like all systems2win templates, your leaders can optionally personalize your master template in a way that your own dropdown list of category codes will be automatically found and transferred to your new master template each time that you upgrade in the future… so that your templates become more and more… yours.

and paste it into the ‘time’ column in the primary data entry area for any row that needs to be calculated for product mix. for both: 1) the times that appear for each work element, and 2) the times that appear in the x-axis chart labels (showing total time for each operator) and if you personalized the color table to assign colors to each of your user-defined category codes, following the instructions below.

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you can download my version of the chart here. adding an animation to a powerpoint chart is the same as adding an animation to any other object. you can do this using the down arrows next to each animation in the animation pane. you don’t want to emphasize the entire chart and every single data point. if you want to show an improvement, plot the before and after. the figures above are just an example and if you want to recreate this using your own data, you can download my worksheet here.

you do this by dragging the corners of the pie chart to the edge of the background. you can use the align commands on the drawing tools tab to ensure that they are vertically aligned and correctly spaced. once done you can press ctrl+c to copy the traffic light and then ctrl+v to paste another one. the challenge was to create a doughnut chart in excel for use on an infographic with block bars like the picture shown below. however, if you want to have multiple data sets and already have a stacked column, it can make altering the template file i gave difficult. i’ve attached my work to create the graph above here, so hopefully those of you who want to use it can alter it accordingly.

the yamazumi chart – also known as the operator line balance chart – is a load chart that breaks down the individual work tasks in a process, detailing the time they take. while there are lots of different ways to plot this data, often a stacked bar chart is used (especially in excel), usually in combination with another chart to show the % waste, va and nva. the point though, is to help you to identify value added activities (va), non-value added activities (nva) and waste activities, so that you can work on reducing nva and waste. one chart in particular by adaptive business management systems is particularly good having a stacked bar chart with a pie chart to show the 2 sets of data. it even comes loaded with vba to update the chart as needed. it took a bit of work, but i came up with this version, a stacked bar chart with the va, nva & waste plotted on the secondary axis behind the individual tasks.

you can download my sample workbook and chart here if you wish to use it. obviously this is still in draft form. i need to add vba to make it update automatically as new data is added and i’ll probably tweak the formatting further – remove the visible secondary axis for example, but overall i’m pleased with the results. one key point in making your chart: it’s critical to structure/sort the data in a way that sequences the tasks into va/nva/waste order. the abms chart is interesting as well, but i think it can be dramatically improved by eliminating a lot of the extra “junk” on the chart. also, removing the boxes around the pie charts and the stacked bar, lets the 2 pieces of data appear to be unified. all of this lets you dramatically increase readability and the size of each pie chart.