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use this template to boost creative thinking and get different perspectives so you and your team can make better-informed decisions. working with your team, you can then utilize the template to record your ideas and to guide the experience. in a card sorting exercise, you and your team create groups out of content, objects, or ideas. use the research topic brainstorm template to take a general idea and transform it into something concrete. a weekly planner is a schedule that outlines your plans and activities for the week ahead. that will help you build your strengths, adapt to the market, and collaborate with partners.

grab this template to create your own matrix, then rank the ideas you generated in a brainstorm as “how” (difficult to implement), “now” (easy to implement), or “wow” (both original and easy to implement). this template makes it easy to conduct a mad sad glad that helps you build trust, improve team morale, and increase engagement. random word brainstorming is a simple, creative technique using random words to generate new ideas and creative solutions to your problems. to engage in reverse brainstorming, start by identifying the problem, and then think of things that might exacerbate it. this template is a fast, effective way for you to start mind mapping, which can help you and your team become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively. this easy template lets you design and use a kwl, with three columns: know, want to know, and learned.

brainstorming chart format

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brainstorming chart guide

the first is to begin with a main idea and then generate related topics and subtopics hierarchically. the second way, then, is to capture all of those ideas as they’re expressed, and later to organize, revise, refine, and share the results. from brainstorming shapes, drag the main topic shape onto the drawing page. select the main topic shape, and then, on the brainstorming tab, in the add topics group, click subtopic or add subtopic.

select the topic that you want to add subordinate topics to, and then, on the brainstorming tab, in the add topics group, click multiple subtopics. when you are finished adding all the topics that you want, click ok. select the topic you want to add a same-level or subordinate topic to, and then, on the brainstorming tab, in the add topics group, click peer or subtopic. select the top-level topic in the section of your diagram that you want to move to another page, and then, on the brainstorming tab, in the arrange group, click move topic to new page. type the name you want for the new page, or keep the default, and then click ok. in the outline window, drag the name of the topic that you want to be subordinate directly on top of the name of the topic you want to be superior.

our online sticky notes let you gather, organize, and share ideas and input with ease, allowing you and your team to highlight your best ideas. lucidchart lets you brainstorm online at the speed of thought with intuitive features that make even the most complex ideas simple to map out and visualize. use hotkeys to quickly add new shapes as you go and leverage formatting features to tailor color schemes, styles, fonts, and more in your visual brainstorm. running a brainstorm session in lucidchart empowers you and your team to contribute and organize your best ideas, whether you’re working in the same room or across different time zones. as the leading visual workspace, lucidchart helps teams go from ideation to successful implementation using any type of diagram or chart. innovate your slide presentations and impress any audience by enabling our in-editor presentation mode to showcase your ideas and solutions exactly the way you want.

with the power of visual reasoning, lucidchart is the ultimate platform for your audience to easily understand any processes and ideas you want to convey and then quickly get the feedback you need to move forward. share your brainstorm document with others add and refine ideas collaboratively in real-time, or present your finished work with stakeholders in a format of your choice to get the feedback you need to move forward. mind maps and concept maps are great for brainstorming topics and ideas yourself or with your team. users with pro, team, and enterprise accounts can use the revision history feature to keep track of edits and who made them. with our microsoft teams integration, you can add your lucidchart document as a tab to any team channel. i have used lucidchart for brainstorming ideas, sharing concepts with teammates, and mapping new processes for revamp efforts.”

it’s a mental block, more than anything, so it might seem like a long, long journey to the fantastic ideas lying just on the other side. using different brainstorming diagrams like these evokes a different way of thinking for you and your team. there is a variation of this called 6-3-5 brainwriting, which is thought to be the optimal balance for contribution and output for small teams. you can make use of a free brainstorm diagram maker like ahaslides to get the whole crew chipping in their questions with their phones.

the main drawback of bubble mapping is that you can find that you drill down on a specific path or idea sometimes too much and you can lose the original focus of the planning. typically, it’s used for finding the root of an issue and generating ideas that can be used to solve it. an affinity diagram is used to collect a large set of ideas, data or information in a more organised way. reverse brainstorming is an interesting one that asks you to think outside of the box a little bit. now a content creator, traveller, musician and big time slider preaching the good word of interactivity.

use @mention comments to direct people to get things done or clarify things and comment threads to have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your ideas, plans, and strategies. multiple pre-made templates to conduct instant brainstorming sessions; mind maps, affinity maps, fishbone diagrams, swot, and more. professional diagramming tools supporting over 50 types of diagrams to brainstorm around ideas and concepts from any industry. add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each item to capture details and the big picture in a single space. import images and vectors to the canvas and embed documents with in-app previews to provide more context with external resources. brainstorming is a process used to generate new ideas to facilitate decision-making or problem-solving. it can be done individually or in groups.