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software recommendations stack exchange is a question and answer site for people seeking specific software recommendations. it only takes a minute to sign up. ideally i’d rather a 32-bit installer and the program to be compatible with both windows 7 and windows 10 (i plan to upgrade my computer when i get more room). colour, line style, icons (like with the first one, see the hearts) at the very least i want to be able to colour code them because i can get character maps more complex that the second image and if they are all black lines it makes it hard to read. offline: not just usage but the installer needs to be offline too. this is because the computer i do a lot of my work on doesn’t connect to the internet and i have very little to no intention to make it so. us$199 ~= aus$265 and that’s going by google’s conversion as of 12/09/2016 and when it comes to paying not every financial insinuation has that same rate depending on any currency conversion fees.

you can change whether or not the connection is a line or an arrow, but that is about it. it is always a straight line connection (no turning corners) and you cannot control the color. microsoft project: i don’t have project in my office suite and the offline solutions are even more expensive that visio. this is also assuming that that the prices i’m seeing are in aus$ with the australia tax on them (with help from geoblocking). as for grouping nodes together, i’m not sure if yed has full support for that; i haven’t needed it myself. i am not sure if you are looking for a drag & drop painting program, or would prefer (as i do) to describe the relationships in text and have a program draw the image for you, based on that description. i can’t recommend it enough (but, if you don’t go with graphviz, then do go with yed, as @johny recommends).

character relationship chart format

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character relationship chart guide

a relationship chart is a graphical representation of a person’s lineage. this is an important record that explains to the family where they came from. in this post, we will demonstrate the simplest approach to making a connection chart and offer examples for your personal usage. you can do it conventionally with a record book,  as well as with the help of visual tools like gitmind. to learn how to use this program, follow the easy guide below. gitmind comes with a template gallery where you can get started quickly.

it helps you save time and create an eye-catching relationship diagram. the main theme comes at the top which is the family and where it all started. children and spouses of grandparents come next. following after is the second generation which is the grandchildren of the family. another example is the game of thrones family chart. and the easiest way to do that is to create a visual character relationship chart using this example. it lets families link family bloodline and learn their family heritage.