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it’s the perfect tool that helps creators, writers, and audiences better understand the dynamics between characters and how their relationships evolve over the course of the story. it’s also flexible enough to change when your characters and story evolve. whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional writer, follow this step-by-step guide and learn the modern process of creating a character relationship map for your next story in milanote, a free tool used by top creatives. the character relationship map template contains some simple placeholders for the main and supporting characters and lines to show how they relate. place their image and name in the center of the map. identify the secondary characters who play important roles in the story.

think about the reasons behind each character’s interactions and conflicts. now add in the supporting characters like co-workers and neighbours. now use lines and arrows to visually represent the relationships between your characters. labels can also help explain what the relationship is such as family members, and partners or even describe the location where they live. use the pen tool to call out important characters in the relationship. now that your character relationship map is done, you have a clear overview of how all the characters relate in your story.

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writing a realistic scene or authentic dialogue between two characters can be tricky enough, but crafting believable character relationships can often feel like one of the most daunting parts of starting to write. but as you begin mapping character relationships, you need to concern yourself with the players on your team first and foremost. so you’ll be playing these out in your story through conflict and clarification – questions posed by the other characters for your main player to answer, and assaults on their values or beliefs along with reassurance. because they’re there, but don’t seem to be doing anything in terms of your story, your reader won’t be able to do the usual mathematics of story in which they’ve been trained since a child, and 2 + 2 won’t be coming up with 4. you’ve created a blind spot, a little piece of magic taking their eye off the ball.

once you’ve got your story up and running, you’ll be able to flesh out the network of character relationships. in that lesson, you will also find my own example of a network of active and believable character relationships, and how to prepare your own.) interestingly, in my favourite greene novels, the sentimental end of the affair and the heart of the matter, god is a character with which catherine and scobie have very real relationships depicted by what they want from him and he wants from them! start writing a novel today at the novelry and enjoy the lesson pack on day 5 to find out how to create your character network.