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charts play a crucial role in data visualization to present complex data sets in a way that the business audience can understand. this is why it’s essential to choose the right type of charts and graphs for business to enable you to attain your goals in business. this chart type allows you to analyze any kind of data that falls in your way. if you have complex data at your disposal that you would like to analyze and understand more about its relationship, you can use a scatter chart to help you get the job done.

each ring in the chart corresponds to a level in the hierarchy. the chart outlines data in a simple way that is straight to the point depending on what is being displayed. also, you can use the chart to pinpoint outliers in your data. when you present business data to your audience in the form of different charts and graphs, it takes an average of 13 milliseconds to process a single chart. unlock secrets of effective financial reporting with our guide on how to prepare financial statement.

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and sometimes, a pie chart is really fine. a bar chart is a set of rectangles with a length proportional to the values it represents. the main difference between a column chart and a bar chart is in the usage of categorical labels. a bullet chart is a type of chart designed to benchmark against a target value and ranges. some data visualization experts might argue this type of chart is very basic, to the point that it’s widely used in schools and kindergarten. a radial bar chart is simply a variation of a regular bar chart with the main difference being the circular shape of the chart. as it is designed in a circular fashion, it requires extra visual perception, in contrast to the more common linear types of charts and graphs. that is because small multiples use the same type of chart in it and multiply it within a grid to show different slices of the data set. a slope chart is a chart that emphasizes the evolution between two values by using the angle of the slope to communicate the difference. one of the best and most well-known examples of using the quadrant chart is for a swot analysis. it is a chart with one of the best data/space ratios. very similar to a diverging bar chart, a population pyramid is a type of chart that specifically visualizes the age and gender distribution across populations. a portion of the icons is then colored to represent a numerical value in our data.

another advantage of a donut chart is that the space in the center can be used to add a title or a significant value derived from the data. a treemap consists of multiple categories and each category in the treemap is given a rectangle. a circular gauge is a type of chart that uses a circular or half-circular scale with a needle indicating a value on that circular scale. a stream graph is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful chart types available. a line chart is a type of chart that comes in very handy when showing overall trends or progress. in a line chart, the data points represent two variables and are connected by a line to show the changing trend of the data. the color is also often used to show a few states of the bar. when you are dealing with a lot of categories and you want to make efficient use of space, this chart is the way to go. it is a chart used to illustrate the distribution of many individual one-dimensional values. this type of chart is a hybrid of a box plot and a density plot. a choropleth map is a type of map in which different administrative areas are colored (or shaded) according to the magnitude of their numeric value. the structure of the data and the purpose is somehow similar to the arc diagram. what is even more interesting, a lot of charts from this list can be designed in adobe® illustrator®.