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a chart is a tool you can use to communicate data graphically. click the arrows to see some of the different types of charts available in powerpoint. column charts use vertical bars to represent data. each value is shown as a slice of the pie, so it’s easy to see which values make up the percentage of a whole. they work best with large data sets, allowing you to see a variety of information at the same time. the data series consists of the related data points in a chart. the horizontal axis (also known as the x axis) is the horizontal part of the chart.

in this example, the legend identifies the different months in the chart. in this example, the measured value is each genre’s total sales. if you already have data in an existing excel file you want to use for a chart, you can transfer the data by copying and pasting it. this may be useful when you know you’ll need to update the data in your excel file and want the chart to automatically update whenever the excel data is changed. for example, powerpoint allows you to change the chart type, rearrange a chart’s data, and even change the layout and style of a chart. for example, in the chart below the book sales data is grouped by genre, with lines for each month. one solution is to type an apostrophe before each number, which tells the spreadsheet to format it as text instead of a numerical value. you can also use the chart formatting shortcut buttons to quickly add chart elements, change the chart style, and filter the chart data.

powerpoint charts and graphs format

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i think of powerpoint charts as the alternative to messy lists of data. use this to bring some life to your chart and graphs in powerpoint. use a template like this one to showcase your company’s progress with data and visuals that help drive understanding of your trends. here are a few common powerpoint chart types, and the type of data they’re used to show: there are several other advanced charts (like histograms and waterfalls) inside of powerpoint, so try them out for more advanced charting. click on one of the thumbnails above to select a more specific chart style.

these are the basics of adding data to your ppt charts. here are a few of my favorite ways to style powerpoint charts with just a few clicks: with your chart selected, find the design button on the powerpoint ribbon, just under the chart tools tab. besides styles that add depth or contours to your charts, you can also easily change the color scheme with a couple of clicks within powerpoint chart tools. also, if you need more powerpoint designs to work with that have plenty of great charts and infographics built into them, then browse through the 35 best infographic ppt templates. don’t forget that you can use advanced powerpoint charts or powerpoint graphs from envato elements or graphicriver to add even better visuals to your next presentation.

use a chart when you want your audience to easily understand a large quantity of data and the relationships between parts of the data. if you don’t have an empty placeholder on the slide, you can click the insert tab and then click the chart button in the illustrations group. to reopen the spreadsheet and edit a chart’s data, select the chart, click the design tab on the ribbon, then click the edit data button in the data group.

if you find that a chart you’ve created isn’t the best fit for your data, you can switch to a different chart type. there are a number of formatting tools available to change the look of your chart and modify elements for the chart type you chose. what you see here will vary depending on the type of chart you have inserted. customguide offers limited free versions of many courses, including:

a chart is a tool you can use to communicate your data graphically. a chart can help you show your audience what your data means and why it’s important. click the arrows to see some of the different types of charts available in powerpoint. surface charts allow you to display data across a 3-d landscape. they work best with large data sets, allowing you to see a variety of information at the same time. if there are multiple data series in the chart, each will have a different color or style.

however, in a bar chart, the horizontal axis would be the value axis. the data that appears in the excel spreadsheet is placeholder source data that you will replace with your own information. if you already have an excel worksheet with data you want to use for a powerpoint chart, you can transfer the data by copying and pasting it. after you have finished editing, be sure to save the chart in excel. if the location of either the powerpoint presentation or the excel file changes, you may have to insert the chart again in order for it to display correctly. you can use the three tabs grouped under chart tools to modify your chart. however, you could also switch the row and column data so the chart will group the statistics by year, with columns for each genre, as in the chart on the right.