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but since mccallum’s original creation, other types of org charts have been created to accurately represent changing company cultures and hierarchies. a circular org chart is an alternative to the standard hierarchical org chart, but like all org charts, it visualizes the organizational structure of a business to show information like who reports to whom and to which department each employee belongs. but the process of creating a circular org chart is pretty simple—and flexible to your organization’s needs. the circular org charts you create can be as small as an individual team, as large as an entire enterprise, and any size in between.

all the changes you make to the org chart are updated immediately and can be seen by anybody who has access to it. just from a design standpoint, a circular org chart structure seems more fluid and inviting. as a new employee represented on a circular org chart, you’re more likely to feel like you’re a contributing member of the team. as you visualize your organization, think of what that visual might imply about your company’s culture—and consider the circular org chart to bring team members together, literally and figuratively. lucid is proud to serve top businesses around the world, including customers such as google, ge, and nbc universal, and 99% of the fortune 500. lucid partners with industry leaders, including google, atlassian, and microsoft.

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a circular organizational structure is a form of hierarchical structure where senior-level employees occupy the inner rings of a circle and lower-level employees the outer rings. since the circular organizational structure is rather similar in functionality to a traditional hierarchy, the main difference lies in the psychological effect that the former has on the company. to that end, the circular structure strives to promote the free flow of information between the various parts of the company. creating a diagram of a circular organizational structure is the easy part.

training and development should also be available throughout the company without being restricted to particular departments or those with a certain skill set or number of years of service. the circular structure considers that employees should be recruited for their emotional intelligence and soft skills such as attitude, communication, and teamwork. open-door policies promote the free flow of information around the organization and enable employees to go directly to the source for clarification. to support this critical component of a circular organizational structure, enterprise social network software such as salesforce chatter, zoho cliq, or google workspace can be used. granted, certain rules should be in place to ensure conversations remain appropriate and productive.

a circular org chart template is an efficient tool that helps you streamline and visualize your organizational structure. the circular org chart template is flexible, allowing you to customize it according to your organization’s unique structure. the circular org chart template in miro simplifies creating and updating organizational charts, saving time and ensuring accuracy. scalability: the org chart should be easily scalable and adaptable to accommodate organizational structure changes over time. the template is versatile and can be adapted to represent the hierarchy of various organizations, irrespective of size or industry.

by clearly delineating the channels of authority and the reporting structure, team members can effortlessly identify the right people to approach with specific queries, concerns, or updates. and this template makes it simple to build a boc for your company. the matrix org chart template organizes teams efficiently and promotes effective communication. the skill gap analysis org chart template helps organizations optimize their workforce by assessing and addressing skill gaps. the matrix org chart template organizes teams efficiently and promotes effective communication.