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in a cycle diagram, the end of a process flow extends to the beginning, which makes it a repeating cycle with no beginning and end. it can be used to: a life cycle diagram is used to depict the different stages in the life of an organism. a decision cycle consists of a series of repeated steps that are followed in order to reach, implement, and learn from the results of a decision. a pdca cycle is a business process management method that is used for implementing change and improvement. the dmaic improvement cycle is a data-driven method used for improving and optimizing business process performance. here are the steps in the proper order: the systems development life cycle (sdlc) or application development life cycle is a model used for project management and software development. it can be used alongside an agile product development process in which a system’s features are developed one at a time, therefore repeating the cycle again and again.

learn about these 10 types of diagrams and discover how to use the right one for your project. the process steps must be in sequential order and should create a cycle. it offers dozens of cycle diagram templates that you can customize and use for free. you can then edit and label its parts with the name of the process and its steps. it allows you to easily change shapes, colors, labels, and fonts as well as add icons and other elements so you can design your cycle diagram in a matter of minutes. once your cycle diagram is complete, you can freely download and share it online. want to know more diagram options?