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yet simply having the feature available isn’t enough — to be useful to users comparison features have to get several details right when it comes to the design of the feature. i’d really like it if they were able to not even show the information that is not different to be able to just get rid of it somehow.” another test participant also preferred it when only differences were shown: “then there’s a ‘highlight differences’, which is nice. as a result of the lack of common naming conventions across sites, users will not be sure where they need to scroll to find the feature they need to locate.

when product names and prices disappear when users scroll down the comparison feature, as they do here on hp, they’ll have to scroll back to the top to see which product a particular spec applies to and how much it would cost. this makes the comparison process easier for users as they don’t have to scroll to see these important attributes. at schneider electric, the comparison feature allows users to “hide similarities”, attributes are grouped by category, column headings are persisted as users scroll down, and horizontal lines help define rows.

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here you’ll find 81 “comparison tool” full-page screenshots annotated with research-based ux insights, sourced from baymard’s ux benchmark of 214 e-commerce sites. 38% of the top 60 e-commerce sites have implemented a dedicated comparison tool that allows their users to select products they want to compare and then see detailed side-by-side comparison of each of the product’s specifications.

however, our large-scale usability testing reveals that users have severe difficulties using these comparison tools, both when it comes to selecting the items for comparison at the product list and when comparing the product specs on the comparison page. our large-scale testing and benchmarking show that particular common pitfalls for e-commerce comparison features are inconsistently stored or formatted product specs (making comparison impossible) and a general lack of further explanations of the spec-heavy features in “common language” (in practice forcing users to either guess or go off-site to further research the exact meaning of the product features).