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in the ever-evolving landscape of data visualization, the sunburst chart stands out as a compelling tool for conveying hierarchical relationships and drilling down into complex data structures. in this blog you will learn: the chart uses a series of concentric rings to bring out ranking insights. sunburst and treemaps are the most used hierarchical data visualizations ideal for uncovering hierarchical insights in your data. there’s a sunburst chart generator that comes as an add-on you can install in your google sheets to access simple and clear visualization designs. chartexpo is a sunburst chart generator that 2,11,000-plus professionals and business owners across the world use to create insightful and easy-to-understand visualizations.

you can use this chart to complement your data stories. also, you can use this chart to bring out part-to-whole relationship insights into the open. in other words, you can use this chart to display insights into data in a hierarchical manner (from largest to smallest values). professionals and business owners worldwide use the chart to uncover hidden part-to-whole relationships in data. this sunburst chart generator has a large number of ready-to-use charts, which are visually stunning and easy to interpret. follow our guide on how to create a chart in google sheets & discover the key to insightful visuals.

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it can be used to display the contents of one certain category. the angle of each segment is either proportional to a value or divided equally under its parent node. the content of several pie charts can be expressed in one sunburst chart. reasonable decisions can be made only by getting to the core of the problem. finally, is the inclusiveness of the sunburst chart. at this time, the inclusiveness of the sunburst chart is reflected. what are the levels and contents of this matter?

and if you don’t have numbers in your content, you also need to add the proportions of each part of the content in the last column. the four-quadrant rule is an important method of time management theory. the sunburst diagram can also be used to show an industry chain. there are a lot of upstream and downstream relationships and mutual value exchanges in the industrial chain. this template is suitable for the departmental structure of enterprises and institutions. more importantly, the sunburst diagram provides a way of deconstructing things. you can also create your own templates and share them with users all over the world.

to specify the chart type, add a type attribute to the chart object. in the array, create an object and assign a value to id, text, parent, and the optional value attribute. id is the section where the series data object will be placed; text is the text that will be displayed in that section; parent is the parent section of the section you are adding data to; and value is the numerical value of the data object being added. set the value to auto. (this attribute also sets the sunburst chart’s default reference angle to 12 o’clock, or zero degrees. use the offsetr attribute to pull out one or more slices from the rest of the sunburst. often referred to as an exploded sunburst chart, the attribute can be applied globally in the plot object or locally in the applicable series object. use the scaler object to set the sunburst chart’s aperture and reference angle. the sunburst chart is sized to 360 degrees (i.e., a circle) by default.

you can change this by adding an aperture attribute to the scaler object. add a refangle attribute to the scaler object to change this. provide the desired value, keeping in mind that the value is relative to the default starting angle. see the following chart: alternatively, you can have the reference angle automatically set to zero and have the sunburst slices automatically sorted by size, from largest to smallest, by adding a ‘layout’: ‘auto’ attribute to the plot object. note: refer to the plot/series styling tutorial and the plot / series json configuration page for further information and a full attribute list. create a tooltip object in the plot object to customize the text and styling. value boxes are fixed labels that appear adjacent to the sunburst slices. create a value-box object in the plot object to customize the text, placement (in, out, center), and styling. note: refer to the value boxes tutorial and the value-box json configuration page for more information and a full attribute list.