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a functional chart (or org chart) organizes workers in a business based on skills, expertise, and specialty. for example, an it specialist would be responsible for software updates and computer security, while someone in hr would be responsible for employee onboarding, training, and complaints. the functional chart would display this information in a graphical format. scale your company by using mindmanager to help your organization work better together. diagramming the functional organization using a functional top down approach allows all employees to see which responsibilities lie with which business groups and how they can address concerns or questions. using a flat functional chart shows no levels of management. a matrix functional chart focuses on a company organization structure segmented by projects. it works well for cross-functional teams and helps to minimize silos.

begin with the top level of the hierarchy and work your way down, so it creates a branching tree shape. the next level down will often be the senior managers or heads of department, and their departments will branch down and feature various managers and members of the teams. once you have the central pillar you can start moving across, branching out to other suppliers and teams, like temporary staff and freelancers. once you have created your functional chart, post it up somewhere that’s easy for other teams to find and reference it. its templates let you create functional charts quickly and easily by dragging and dropping elements. by incorporating mindmanager into your suite of tools, you can use it to create a snapshot of your entire organization or a specific team(s) for easy reference. functional charts work best when kept as simple as possible, and a tool like mindmanager will enable you to put together a clear and concise functional chart in moments that you can then print or share digitally (or both). creating functional charts in mindmanager is easy and intuitive. to get started making your own web diagrams, try mindmanager free for 30 days.

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if the organizational structures could take the form of office workers, it might appear as if the functional structure would be the one who still goes to work wearing a shirt and tie, carrying a carefully-arranged briefcase. the approval of a functional manager is likely to be necessary for any projects which require spend. but to consider that functional structures are only adopted by the most conventional and old-school of companies would be to fail to appreciate the flexibility the structure can offer when combined with other structural innovations.

“whereas the fundamental principle of a conventional business unit structure is to align accountability and control, the fundamental principle of a functional organization is to align expertise and decision rights,” wrote the hbr in 2020. and it is a structure apple has maintained to this day – flouting the conventional wisdom that as companies become larger they must inevitably move from a functional to a product-based organizational structure. this is the matrix structure — which aims to organize employees into functional departments based on skill sets while also ensuring project managers oversee all employees involved with a particular product line. of course while software like functionly makes this part easy, the hard part is figuring out whether a functional structure is right for your business in the first place. with functional structures the pin stripe option may in fact be wearing jazzy socks, a loud tie and colorful braces.

the type of organization chart you need will reflect on the type of organization you have and what information you want to focus on conveying. the structure is divided into traditional departments like it, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations based on everyone’s functional role in the organization. for example, in a car company the divisions may represent suvs, sedans, and electric cars. a flat organization structure will show few or no levels of management between executives and all other employees. the org chart shows the individual roles and chain of command within the business structure.

the chart above shows the organizational structure of a video game company. the chart below shows the corporate structure of a commercial real estate company. the holding company has also organized a management llc to oversee property operations. quick tip: if you are moving a position in an org chart, simply click and grab the box you wish to move, placing it into the new position. whether you are new employee in a small organization, or any employee in a larger organization, an org chart can serve as a directory to the other employees. the name of each person in the chart can provide a hyperlink to their email address.

org charts are also a good way to visualize the current and possible future structure of your company as it grows or evolves. it also helps you see the impact of moving people or functions can have on the structure of your organization as a whole. with no additional layers of management, all employees would report to the owner or founder. another way to use a functional org chart is to group employees by knowledge and skills. a dotted line org chart shows the relationship of employees outside their functional areas.

they might have a dotted line report to the sales manager. a matrix org chart is often used when organizations are juggling multiple projects and have to move resources frequently. for example, a developer may use an erd to show data pathways in a relational database and how it flows in a system or process. just as soon as you get them completed, someone leaves the company or shifts into a new role and your work is out of date. you can also see real-time reporting against your org charts, so you can see at a glance headcounts, vacancies, and team metrics.

the functional org chart is a traditional type of org chart many companies adopt. under this organizational structure, workers are divided into several departments based on expertise and function each person can perform. workers are required to get involved in duties within their departments and they have to report to their functional managers only. the functional org chart does not have a project manager role, which differentiates from matrix org chart where employees need to obey orders from both functional managers and project managers if employees are working on some projects. the figures below are some common functional org chart templates. easy, just see this simple guide: org chart creator. alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.