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[2][3] modern gantt charts also show the dependency relationships between activities and the current schedule status. [7][8] gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. gantt charts can be used to show current schedule status using percent-complete shadings and a vertical “today” line. [4] widely used in project planning in the present day, gantt charts were considered revolutionary when introduced. [15] unlike later gantt charts, schürch’s charts did not display interdependencies, leaving them to be inferred by the reader. gantt also frequently included graphics and other visual indicators in his charts to track performance.

[18] the earliest gantt charts were drawn on paper and therefore had to be redrawn entirely in order to adjust to schedule changes. [20][21] in the 1980s, personal computers allowed widespread creation of complex and elaborate gantt charts. [19] in 1999, gantt charts were identified as “one of the most widely used management tools for project scheduling and control”. a vertical line is drawn at the time index when the progress gantt chart is created, and this line can then be compared with shaded tasks. however, linked gantt charts quickly become cluttered in all but the simplest cases. [4] gantt charts and network diagrams are often used for the same project, both being generated from the same data by a software application.

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in this article, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to creating the most effective gantt chart for your projects across a variety of industries. for more information on what a gantt chart is, who uses a gantt chart, the features of a gantt chart, and the benefits of leveraging a gantt chart in your project, visit our guide to gantt charts. the stacked bar is the closest option to a gantt chart in excel. the benefits of creating a gantt chart in excel include the ability to store all project information on one screen and the ease of use.

if you want to improve collaboration and provide real-time access to project progress, using online gantt chart software is a step in the right direction. we’ll walk you through how to create an effective gantt chart from a template in smartsheet in the steps below. then, click and drag the edge of the task bar to the desired date. 8. once you’ve filled in your project task list and customized the gantt chart colors, attach additional project documents as needed to the relevant rows, or add context and reminders in the notes column. the smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done.