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powerpoint comes with a hierarchy chart feature called smartart. you can use powerpoint to create a hierarchy chart of your company’s employees. other tutorials typically create an organization chart in powerpoint with just 5 – 10 employees. what happens when the org chart has 50, 500, or 5,000 employees? to create an organization chart choose the insert menu, then find the smartart button on the toolbar. these are functionally the same, they differ in appearance. when your employee data is in a spreadsheet, microsoft excel or google sheets, it is best to keep it visible to navigate between the spreadsheet and the presentation quickly.

use the outline view to copy employee names from your spreadsheet into the smartart. powerpoint redraws the organization chart as you add more data. powerpoint optimizes the structure to keep the chart from becoming wider than necessary. you will learn how to use lexchart to create the organization chart and then add that chart to your powerpoint presentation. lexchart creates the organizational hierarchy automatically. when you embed the org chart image in powerpoint from lexchart, it conforms to the boundaries of the slide like smartart. to get the best of both, you can embed the image but zoom and pan on the lexchart infinite canvas. paste the entire url to your chart from the lexchart viewer.

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hierarchy powerpoint guide

using smartart diagrams is one of the easiest way to make an org chart in powerpoint. the hierarchy menu is one of the easiest ways to create org charts and comes with several chart types that you can conveniently use. you can format your org chart using various ribbon menu options such as via the smartart design or format tab.

as mentioned earlier, you can color-code different positions in the org chart to represent different tiers of the hierarchy. below are a few guidelines to help you create an org chart that not only appears standardized but can also be helpful for anyone looking to understand the chain of command. a chart with names and pictures along with designations can be easy to help identify the workforce. you can use our free org chart template to take the hassle out of creating an org chart that is accurate and easy to understand.

this structure helps understand the areas of focus and the departments consuming the most resources. if different teams are part of the same process, it’s important to ensure they have either a common manager or that a coordination committee has been put in place to avoid tunnel vision. the org chart also highlights the key people in power and their area of influence. an org chart also helps identify opportunities for rationalization. most of the time, people will create an org chart by adding a new rectangular shape for each person or team, and then insert a line or arrow shape to show the hierarchy relationship with another person or team. for each new person, it requires adding 2 new shapes, entering into the rectangular shape, typing the content, formatting the shapes, and manually connecting the shapes using a line shape.

and at the end of the day, the org chart is difficult to edit because any change in the organization requires manually moving and aligning the shapes. the smartart will automatically position each person / team in a way that will avoid overlaps and show the proper hierarchy. however it can be a little difficult to type and organize your people / department names in the smartart. also, with a smartart you are not completely free of the layout and format of your org chart. write your organization structure in the form of a bulleted list. you can now customize more precisly the layout and format of your chart using the options from the “smartart design” and “format” powerpoint tabs. if you need to go back to a bulletted list to be able to easily work with the content of your or chart, that’s easy!